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New cool jazz featuring iconic covers, soulful blues and upbeat instrumentals.

“A deeply expressive style, appealing impressionism.” Philip Booth/DownBeat


“One of those artists that when you go through her catalog of music you say to yourself which one do I post on? Starting from the almost classical to the contemporary and every bop of jazz, then those very talented fingers dip into the realm of blues. Melodic and tantalizing… and at times mesmerizing.”

“Forget all of the piano sensations that are out there – the best newer voice out there lives in Malibu: Lisa Hilton…..The whole disc has an ambience that draws you in while swinging with emotion.  The band shows its chops… thoughtful and well crafted from start to finish, this is a must have for jazz fans.
George Harris/All About Jazz

“A deeply expressive style, appealing impressionism.”
Philip Booth/DownBeat

“A very easy album to get addicted toHilton displays her piano chops with great skill and she has a dream team of sidemen.”
Eric Allen/Jazz Rendezvous, S. Africa

“A stellar lineup…Ms. Hilton demonstrates her maturity as a pianist enough that any listener will appreciate her gift”.
Eric Cohen/WAER Radio, NY

“An indefinable effervescence.”
Brian Lush/Rockwired

“Twilight & Blues will delight.”
Kathy Parsons/

“Hilton uses blue notes to create an intimate world of beauty that is true to the artist she is. Hilton’s originality of vision is her strength, and her light touch is as lovely as she is and as addictive as the waves breaking near her Malibu home.”
Brad Walseth/

“As elegant as she is warm and passionate.  Excellently engineered and produced.”
Joe Montague/Riveting Riffs, Canada

“Exciting for the listener… hot stuff”.
Chris Spector/Midwest Record

“Intense charges of emotion.”
Fanis Kostouros/Mousikes Diadromes, Greece

“A definite West Coast cool vibe and an impressionist intent on creating and sustaining moods.”
George Kanzler/All About Jazz