lisa hilton piano

“One of the most promising jazz composers today…”
Estilopunta/ Punta del Este/Uruguay


Hilton’s compositions and melodies bear repeat listening sessions…”
Audiophile Audition

Lisa Hilton grey sweater photo

“Hilton plays the piano exquisitely, and seduces the listener with beauty and elegance…”
Riveting Riffs/Canada


“Lisa Hilton has done a remarkable job.”
The New York Jazz City Record

lisa hilton plays piano pepperdine

Lisa Hilton @ Pepperdine
George Harris/Jazz Weekly

lisa hilton piano

Resident music composer to return to Pepperdine for performance
Malibu Surfside News


“No one plays, writes or puts together a band better than Hilton. Another in a growing list of deep excellent works from Hilton.”
Russ Davis/Voice of America/Jazz America

Nocturnal bband lisa hilton

“Remarkable emotional depth and clarity from all band members…”
World Jazz News