Underground – CD


From Jelly Roll style to Miles Davis influences, “Underground” showcases Lisa Hilton and her killing bandmates to best advantage in this upbeat and soulful jazz collection.

1. Underground / Lisa Hilton
2. Boston + Blues / Lisa Hilton
3. Jack & Jill / Lisa Hilton
4. Someday, Somehow, Soon / Lisa Hilton
5. Just A Few Minutes Past Midnight / Lisa Hilton
6. B Minor Waltz / Bill Evans
7. Blue Truth / Lisa Hilton
8. Come and Go / Lisa Hilton
9. Someday, Somehow, Soon (extended take) / Lisa Hilton

Lisa Hilton/piano, Larry Grenadier/bass, Nasheet Waits/drums, J.D. Allen/sax

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Underground Reviews:

Recommended New Release for April: “Underground”
Lawrence Donohue-Greene, Managing Editor, The New York City Jazz Record (formerly AAJ/NY)

“A master mood – setter and a conceptualist nonpareil”.
Dan Bilawsky/All About Jazz

“One of the major voices in the modern jazz community.   A rarity that she displays a truly original voice.”
George Harris/The Jazz Messenger

“Emerging from the “underground”, with a strong new album of compelling originals, “Underground” should expose this talented artist to a whole new audience…Hilton is a strikingly original voice on the piano.”

“A masala of Brubeck, Monk and Parker distilled into pure Hilton. A strong influence on jazz culture in the twenty first century”.
Zone Music Reporter

“A post-bop feast for the ears.”
The Sun Chronicle

“Pianist/composer Lisa Hilton adds a bit of extra spice on this latest release. Her music, usually flowing like a river, is a bit more like a Class V rapids here, with extra assertion and percussion in the writing and delivery…. Inspired impressionism… an original voice.”
George Harris/Jazz Weekly

“For fans of jazz, this is an absolute must.”
Pat Van de Wiele/Keys & Chords/Netherlands

“A top notch crew of like-minded musicians. This CD probes and explores, and bears repeated listening.”
Martin Z. Kasdan Jr./Louisville Music News

“Strongly impressionistic.”
The Borderland

“A post bop CD that doesn’t quietly fade into the background”.
NYC Jazz Record June

“Hilton clearly has a musical voice.”

Editor’s Pick: Boston Phoenix

“Lisa Hilton has topped herself with UNDERGROUND. She’s never played, written or expressed herself better as an artist. This is living adventurous jazz that breathes fresh but at the same time is rooted in the best parts of the past – and always deeply emotive. Surrounded by some of the finest musicians working today, Hilton hits the mark on every cut. She’s joined the ranks of her own contemporary heroes.”
Todd Steed/WUOT/Knoxville

“If jazz is your passion this beautiful CD is for you.  The piano keys express adeep warmth, beauty and speak to your soul.  Rich melodies and delicate improvisations, Lisa shares her rich musical talent with the world.”
Gabriole Springford/Eagle Eye One Magazine/Canada

“Shimmering and spacious. Hilton easily holds her own and her compositions clearly inspire all concerned. ”
Mike Joyce/JazzTimes