Feeling Good – CD


Upbeat jazz for all occasions!

1. Feeling Good / Lisa Hilton
2. Stranger in Paradise / Robert Wright & George Forrest
3. Dreams / Lisa Hilton
4. Paris Blues / Duke Ellington
5. Here by My Side / Lisa Hilton
6. Petal in the Wind / Lisa Hilton
7. I’m Coming Home / Lisa Hilton
8. Do You Care? / Lisa Hilton
9. When I Fall in Love / Edward Heyman & Victor Young
10. Hope / Lisa Hilton
11. Dusk / Lisa Hilton
12. Remember / Lisa Hilton
13. Shooting Star / Lisa Hilton
14. … Ever After / Lisa Hilton

Lisa Hilton/piano, Phil Feather/woodwinds, Craig Stull/guitar, Reggie McBride/bass, Tal Bergman/drums

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Feeling Good Reviews:

“Makes our listeners Feel Good!”
Bruce Pollock/VP + GM, KRQS

“‘Feeling Good’ is captivating”
Rick ODell/WNUA

“I liked what I heard… Great little sax and piano going on”
Mark Sanford/KOAI

“This album will definitely leave you ‘Feeling Good”
Eric Cohen/Music Director, WAER