Cocktails At Eight – CD


Acoustic Jazz and Solo Piano sets the right mood for anything.

1. Love Will / Lisa Hilton
2. Take Five / Paul Desmond
3. Shooting Star / Lisa Hilton
4. Seduction / Lisa Hilton
5. I’ll Always Be Your Friend / Lisa Hilton
6. Echoes of Harlem / Duke Ellington
7. Can You See? / Lisa Hilton
8. Kilimanjaro / Lisa Hilton
9. August 1999 / Lisa Hilton
10. Candlelight / Lisa Hilton
11. Moon River / Henry Mancini
12. No Guarantees / Lisa Hilton
13. Waterfall / Lisa Hilton
14. Butterflies / Lisa Hilton
15. I’m On My Own / Remix / Lisa Hilton

Lisa Hilton/piano, Phil Feather/woodwinds, Jim Sitterly/violin, Marston Smith/cello, Reggie McBride/bass, Tal Bergman/drums

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Cocktails At Eight Reviews:

“When I happened across ‘Cocktails at Eight’ by Lisa Hilton, my ears did a total double-take. I was immediately captivated by the music, and Lisa had me grooving to her arrangements of both ‘Take Five’ and Echoes of Harlem’. As to her original compositions, ‘Seduction’ and ‘Waterfall’ are my favorites, solo piano works that are as poetic as they are infecting. Cocktails at Eight? Why stop there, I could listen to this CD all night.”
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