American Impressions – CD

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As American composers Gershwin, Copland and others have done, Hilton creates musical impressions of everyday life in America – everything from subways to rain. Hilton’s band is stacked with some of the greatest jazz players today in this upbeat disc.

1. Too Hot / Lisa Hilton
2. Anatomy of the Blues / Lisa Hilton
3. When It Rains / Lisa Hilton
4. Subway / Lisa Hilton
5. Accidental Romance / Lisa Hilton
6. Rainy Night House / Joni Mitchell
7. Waterfall / Lisa Hilton
8. Slow Down / Lisa Hilton
9. Underground / Lisa Hilton
10. Echoes of Harlem / Duke Ellington
11. Don’t Stop / Lisa Hilton
12. American Suite / Lisa Hilton

Lisa Hilton/piano, Larry Grenadier/bass, Nasheet Waits/drums, J.D. Allen/sax

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American Impressions Reviews:

“An incredible offering. One of the year’s best.”

“Hilton understands that America is more than cornfields and beaches and she achieves greatness by reaching into dark corners and under-explored avenues. American Impressions presents rich slices of uncensored scenery filtered through the mind of a true original at the top of her game.”
Dan Bilawsky/All About Jazz

“American Impressions – perfect title by one of the best players in the business, Lisa Hilton captures “American Landscapes” of feeling, sound, sight and touch in such an incredibly straight-ahead and beautiful way. Brilliant. Extra –special. Whew! ‘Nuff said.”
Hugh Carson/KVNF

“Cool school. Solid stuff. A well thought out and well played date.”
The Midwest Record

“From a strictly right brain, (pleasure) interpretation, this album is a winner. Yet the most noteworthy part of this quartet is the fact they pay equal tributes to the legacy of jazz and to the natural progression of musical tastes, all without imitating the past or convoluting the present. It is worth your time to listen.”
Jonathan Cohen/KAMP Radio

“An impressive disc. Hilton displays remarkable creativity. Her team of Nasheet Waits/dr, JD Allen/tenor, and Larry Grenadier/b are at their cohesive best here.”
George Harris/JazzWeekly

“Hilton uses her exemplary pianism and soloing from her band mates… all presented with impeccable clarity that you are sure to enjoy.”
Paula Edelstein/Sounds of Timeless Jazz

“Hilton not only develops jazz as we expect it, but also ignites flows that we don’t expect. She gives birth to virgin outlooks and lustful rhythms….the Lioness of Jazz remains untamed”.
Karl Stober/eJazzNews

“It’s a WINNER!!!!!!!!!”
Dot Nielson/WCNI

“In the galaxy of contemporary jazz piano, one of the brightest stars to shine is Lisa Hilton.”

“A sonic tribute to the unique sounds of this wonderful country.”
The Jazz Messenger

“Hilton’s mission appears to be to push past the norm, to engage I a conversation and to re-examine the boundaries. With a brilliant set of players in support, her American Impressions certainly stand out.”
Jordan Richardson/Blinded by Sound

“Hilton has a very potent soundtrack touch in her composing that gives her music a panoramic texture. Her approach captures Americana while it is not looking, resulting in a satisfying product…. With artistic sincerity and emotional depth.”
C Michael Bailey/All About Jazz

“Fantastic CD! Hilton’s own dexterity as both piano player and composer shine through this time around with elegant compositions that paint startling pictures in a listener’s mind.”
Brian Lush/Rockwired

“The musical symmetry and oneness is surreal. Hilton’s compositions require a kindred spirit that understands the essence of the music. It is complex, yet full of rhythmic joy. It keeps me smiling.”
Bubba Jackson/KKJZ