lisa hilton more than another day photo

“A year-end gift to aficionados everywhere….More Than Another Day is just that indeed.”
Mike Jurkovich/All About Jazz

Photo by Aaron Regan.

“Impressions of color and depth.”

lisa hilton sitting at a piano with a white dress and a tan hat

“Hilton pares it down here to a smoking trio date but what it really is is a tour de force for her piano chops to really walk the walk. The behind the glass talent she brought on board this time around show that no one has ever spent so much to keep things so simple, and all that dough is all on the tape. The kind of classic sound/feeling date that first got you into jazz piano trio sets, this might appear simple but that doesn’t stop it from being as tasty as it gets. Hot stuff. ”
Midwest Record

lisa hilton holding sheet music in front of a piano

“Hilton has a clear vision of how she wants to sound as she beautifully plays the Steinway…her piano sound is lush, delicate and highly melodic…. A rich balance of emotions and harmonic colors as well.”
Glide Magazine/Jim Hynes

lisa hilton and her band standing on a roof in nyc

Chalkboard Destiny is a must-listen for your quarantine days…”
The Greylock Glass

lisa hilton plays piano with rudy royston, jd allen, and luques curtis

“Simply one of the best of the year…”
All About Jazz

lisa hilton and her band standing on a roof in nyc

“This is a strong quartet; each musician showcases his or her own creative energy and when they come together, nothing but virtuoso madness results.”
Jazz Weekly

lisa hilton and her band on the roof in nyc

“Hilton gets put in the top rung with this one.”
Jazz Weekly

lisa hilton in a red dress playing piano

“This is straight-ahead, eminently listenable jazz, played with both energy and finesse… It’s a beautiful listen.”
Elmore Magazine

Lisa Hilton Oasis trio

Hilton’s artistry never waivers…”
Jazz Times

Photo by Ryan Nava.

“Reliably exceptional…Swinging-ly grounded in the beat she establishes is where Hilton’s charm shines the brightest.”
C. Michael Bailey/All About Jazz


“It all translates into extraordinary music that is compared to jazz and classical icons. Lisa Hilton is RARE.”
Hybrid Jazz


“At the hands of pianist and composer Lisa Hilton, the piano is anything but black & white….”
Malibu Surfside News


“[Hilton] traipses across the keys with what feels like child-like wonderment, the notes sparkling with a freshness that’s nectar for the ears.”
Seattle Pi

Lisa_Hilton_Music_Lisa Hilton_jazz_piano_smiling_justin_bettman

“Pianist Lisa Hilton has left an impressive creative footprint over the past twenty years…”
All About Jazz

American Jazz Pianist Lisa Hilton Escapism Album Cover Blank

“…a hot, happening date that charts a new course for pianist Hilton.”
Midwest Record


“Lisa’s breadth of creativity and range of ideas are astounding as she reveals the virtuosity of her pianism, musicality and artful sound.”
Sounds of Timeless Jazz/Paula Edelstein


“Hilton explores music as art and paints texture and color through jazz approaches.  Her originals convey many of Cole Porter’s compositional integrity.”
Sounds of Timeless Jazz/Paula Edelstein


“Letting it fly with just jazz piano ace Lisa Hilton front & center, you really get a chance to appreciate what a killer pianist she is.”
Midwest Record


“One of the most promising jazz composers today…”
Estilopunta/ Punta del Este/Uruguay


Hilton’s compositions and melodies bear repeat listening sessions…”
Audiophile Audition


“Hilton plays the piano exquisitely, and seduces the listener with beauty and elegance…”
Riveting Riffs/Canada


“Lisa Hilton has done a remarkable job.”
The New York Jazz City Record


Lisa Hilton @ Pepperdine
George Harris/Jazz Weekly


Resident music composer to return to Pepperdine for performance
Malibu Surfside News


“No one plays, writes or puts together a band better than Hilton. Another in a growing list of deep excellent works from Hilton.”
Russ Davis/Voice of America/Jazz America


“Remarkable emotional depth and clarity from all band members…”
World Jazz News