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Lisa Hilton/piano, Eric Marienthal/sax, Reggie McBride/bass, Tal Bergman/drums

Featuring the #1 World Jazz Single, “Malibu” which was also the #11 track World Jazz Top Singles for the Year.

You’ve got the evening free, the weekend off, or a late night date, and this is your music to play, relax or entertain with. It’s music to inspire. Change your mood from work-a-day to weekend.


#11 Amazon Best Selling in Jazz

“Hilton leaves a signature so distinct and genuine that audiences call out for more consistently. One would say her Bill Evans style talent is powerful, however, I feel she is building a note by note, composition by composition, a true niche in jazz today, unlike any other. Ms. Hilton has staying power”.

Karl Stober/JazzTrenzz

“Remisiscent of some of Dave Brubeck’s work”
RJ Lannan/The Sounding Board

“A vibrant composer and exceptional pianist with the passion and panache few artists capture”
Karl Stober/JazzTrenzz

“‘Jazz After Hours’ is a great album for relaxing and reenergizing, a backdrop for an intimate dinner, or even good party music”
Kathy Parsons/Solo Piano Publications


“When Lisa tickles the keys in her unique, playful style, you know she’s having fun”
Andy Parrish, General Manager/WVSU 

“Lisa has outdone herself with this album… exquisitely setting all the right moods with the help of some very talented musicians. I absolutely LOVE this album”
Eric Cohen, Music Director/WAER

“Very rarely does an artist come along with the versatility of moving between such diverse styles as to nail Gershwin’s My Love is Here to Stay’ then Jobim’s Girl From Ipanema, while saving just enough for my favorite, ‘Just For Fun”
Al Santos/WJZW