Thankfully… A Holiday Discount!

Of course with the holiday of Thanksgiving almost here, we are all thinking of our blessings right now, but I think many of us have actually been quietly adding up what we are grateful for all year long. We are all thankful to see family and friends more often this year, thankful to take a few small trips again, thankful to have made it through 2020 despite the tremendous trauma of that year.  I really think we have even been thankful when a week or a month has gone by that was ok or maybe fine. Anything “normal” rates pretty high on our lists this year, right? 
So let’s take a moment right now to take a couple nice breaths and feel good right here in the moment.  There will probably be some fun around the corner, or then again, perhaps a new challenge I suppose.  But for now, let’s just celebrate being here and being ok.  It feels like that is enough right now.  I am thankful for that – that you and I and we and a lot of people, are making it through the most memorable couple years of a lifetime.  And… I’ll get to share my home grown berry pie this year with family.
So Happy Thanksgiving to you – and many more…..
PS…I almost forgot!  My annual Friends and Family Holiday discount will be Nov 23rd-Nov 31st where all CDs will be only $5 (+ shipping and any applicable tax).  I do this to encourage uplifting gifts or stocking stuffers for those around you, or so you can fill out your own collection of music.  Use the coupon: HAPPYHOLIDAYS  Shop here 

All year I have been thankful for friends, family, my piano, my work, healthy food, nature and the beauty of my community. 

Thank You, 

image grid of friends, family, piano, healthy food, and nature