new… New… NEW!

lisa hilton transparent sky cover with quote

Late summer has its own vibe, don’t you think? Early summer, (especially this year), had a palpable enthusiasm and euphoria for long sunny days, travel plans and get – togethers with family and friends along with new stuff to wear or do after the inactivity of 2020.  By August it’s hotter, and good luck finding a vacay rental, window seat on a flight, or new sandals you like, right?  But it’s human nature to desire and share something that’s new so in August I like to think of “new” in simpler terms:

– concocting a new recipe (I need a good recipe for anything with blackberries!)
– experimenting with grilled vegetables (BBQ avocados anyone?)
– hiking or biking a less traveled path (I like beach biking)
– reading different kinds of books
– playing music, I don’t normally play (this year Brubeck and Bach)
– tuning in to new music – like Transparent Sky!

Normally we release an album in early December, but this year, (and last year), are different of course, so here we are with new music to share to perk up everyone’s end of summer. It’s out September 3rd and I absolutely think it’s great for road trips, dinner parties, work at home, airport time, carpools, household tasks, happy hours or beach days!  If you are at all interested in jazz, please download/buy right away so you can enjoy it over the last few days of summer and beyond.  I’m not always sure how Amazon charts work, but it is currently #1 Amazon NEW RELEASE/ cool jazz before it’s on sale date – so thank you everyone who is already buying there!  It will also be available on all streaming services after that date and is currently brightening jazz radio playlists around the world. I think we all desire something new and uplifting right now in our lives, and we hope you will enjoy Transparent Sky.

As a composer, there is a fun, and an eternal quest to try and create a new jazz classic that everyone loves. So, what are my favorite new tracks?  I’ve spent a lot of time with each new song – composing, notating, playing, and overseeing the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering, and I absolutely adore Santa Monica Samba as a mood booster, and the love song, Nightingales & Fairy Tales. I also like the groovy vibes of Random Journey and Living in Limbo.  A couple people on my creative team said that Transparent Sky (which I performed as solo piano), really touched them and I’ve heard that people like Fall Upon a Miracle and Infinite Tango, (this one is doing well at jazz radio).  I think my bandmates liked Extraordinary Everyday Things, and my best friend mentioned the cover of God Bless The Child was always one of her favorites after hearing the band Blood, Sweat, & Tears record it. So that just leaves my tune Chromatic Chronicles, but that is a favorite to play with its interlocking blues lines! The truth is there are a lot of favorite tunes on Transparent Sky, and we hope that you enthusiastically enjoy the new music as well as the last few sun bleached days of summer.

– Lisa

collage of lisa's favorite summer things including the beach, bach sheet music, blackberries, and grilled avocados