lisa hilton wearing a white top and a beige hat

My entire body seems to exhale right now when I say the word  f r e e d o m  in my mind:  FREEDOM…. yes………freedom.  It has more emotional significance on July 4th this year than it did in 2020.  This year we can go to the beach, we can see family and friends safely, and yes, we will BBQ festively and maybe even boisterously, right?  We are shedding the restrictions of last year and stepping into new memories now – thankfully.  We can all feel the intensity of these moments – whether it’s a restaurant meal, travel, or family filling our home again: returning to these freedoms is important for America on Independence Day this year.

So maybe this is the year to really Let Freedom Ring….  bring a guitar on that camping trip, grab a wooden flute or a kazoo, create a Independence Day playlist maybe, or just sing along while you wait for fireworks to America the Beautiful, The Star Spangled Banner, You’re a Grand Old Flag, My Country ‘Tis of Thee… it feels like a good to sing them loud and clear after everything that we went through last year! I’ll start the holiday with my Patriotic Muffins, (blueberry muffin recipe with both frozen blueberries and raspberries), we’ll walk on the beach, (last year the beaches were closed), then have a full table at our family BBQ. July 4th, 2021 is a day we can be thankful for all the freedoms and independence we now enjoy again.

Wishing you good weather, a fun weekend and clear skies ahead!

– Lisa

a fourth of july collage with american flags, red berries, and bicycles