Harvesting Creativity

pianist lisa hilton sitting behind a mixing board in a recording studio wearing a dress and a hat

My mind has been going over this idea the last couple of weeks as I finish my new compositions and prepare for the upcoming recording session:  How do you nurture a blossoming creative project and see it through to a successful “harvest” or culmination?  Whether it’s new music, a remodel or home grown veggies, it takes work, skill, time and experience to nurture peak conditions for a successful finish.

Hmmmmm… I really don’t know if there are any answers, but I think there are things you can do that allow for the creativity and growth to flourish.  My personal motto is: “Get your work done ahead of time.”  There are always quite a few little things that can be done ahead of time like planning lunch orders, personal needs, parking spots,  etc. so they won’t occupy your mind when you need to be finalizing things.  This is especially true in my case for practicing and knowing the music well enough to communicate it to others.  But these things are really just common sense, right?

From experience I think the best approach is to be “of service” to the creative project: to do whatever it takes to deliver it and to be sensitive and intuitive to what it might need under any circumstances that arise.  Making a commitment to nurturing yourself and the project consistently so that you can, (hopefully), create at the highest level.  

I’ve been watching my mini veggie garden growing this spring in several large containers, silently betting which tomato plant might produce the best tomatoes – but we won’t know until it’s time to harvest – anything can happen of course.  It’s only with the right conditions, at the right time, that you can harvest what you’ve been dreaming of and looking forward too.  It’s all about the work, nurturing and growth that is needed to improve over many months.  It’s all the small decisions every day that add up, but at the very end you hope for the best conditions and a bit of luck too. Please wish us good luck as we record the new music!

Enjoy this spring!

– Lisa


a collage of sheet music, lisa at the studio, a mixing board, pianos, and garden vegetables