Life Feels Better…

composer lisa hilton at a black piano with the quote "life feels better with music"

I think you and I both know in our hearts that life feels better with music.  Sometimes though it seems easy to just do what were doing without it, but we know that everything not only feels better but somehow can even become fun, just by listening to the right tunes!  Last year really ground this concept in for me: faced with new additions to household tasks replacing performance opportunities that had disappeared, the old whistle while you work” idea popped in my head. 

Since I share pretty much everything with you, I thought Id also share my playlist from the last year too.  I think you could characterize, (and paraphrase), this playlist perhaps as: Something old, something new, something borrowed, and some blues – its a bit of this and that but its a jazz playlist and it puts you in a great mood for more than three hours.  I have affectionately called it the Corner Café Jazz playlist because I have missed the convivial spirit of a local coffee spot with lively jazz playing to set the mood, so I have tried to recreate that as best as I can here.

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Most playlists are created with different song tracks, but this is an album playlist so it has four different upbeat jazz approaches. You can see Im starting out with our new album More Than Another Day and then I segue to Billie Holiday, who has been getting a much deserved moment lately.  Although I have read two books about her, I really hadnt realized that she also composed too.  What we should all know about Lady Day, is that her music is timeless and appealing to so many around the world, and this collection is a very upbeat compilation called Billies Best.

After Billie, I add in some of the best bossa nova ever recorded: Getz/Gilberto.  You have to be careful with bossa nova because it can actually be too relaxing, but its nice to have the lilting Latin energy, right?  Im a huge fan of composer Antonio Carlos Jobim who was also the pianist on this one. Next up is another favorite album, Diana Kralls Live In Paris recorded by my engineer Al Schmitt and his fabulous crew. Diana is not normally referred to as a pianist – only as a singer,  but she is a terrific pianist, and shes clear as a bell and singing as well here!  This playlist has gotten me through a lot of tasks and good times too this last year, so I hope enjoy it too.

Before I sign off, I want to say another big THANK YOU to the incredible support our album: More Than Another Day, has received from radio and streaming sources around the world: #1 Apple Music Pure Jazz Playlist, #1 New Release/Cool Jazz, #3, #5 JazzWeek Jazz Radio chart, #7 ZMR International Radio chart – and more.  Just posted is this Straight No Chaser jazz podcast hosted by Jeffrey Siegel.  It was really fun to be on this wonderful podcast again – please take a moment to listen soon.

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Wishing you a happy spring and great month!



lisa hilton's corner cafe jazz playlist collage

Springtime favorites: Hiking in the Malibu mountains and by the sea, spring flowers in bloom, and kale growing in my garden. Middle row: A few of the albums featured on the Corner Café Jazz Playlist including the ever amazing Diana Krall and Lady Day.