Thank You! 👏

lisa hilton in a black dress with a quote about how grateful she is for the support she's received in the last 20 years

I’m not quite sure, but I think it was around 2000 that I decided I should send my CD to radio stations to see if I could get airplay.  So I researched radio stations in the US, (no streaming services or iTunes then yet),  although I don’t remember how I did that since internet search engines were still new! Somehow I painstakingly typed up a list of appropriate stations and snail mailed my CD’s out, and later, following up with a call.  At that time it was a big step for someone from a small town to do this, although it doesn’t seem like much of a big deal looking back.  I grew up being told not to “talk to strangers” but here I was calling them!  I was pretty nervous at first, but found the radio show hosts to be nice and of course, knowledgeable about music and jazz, so they were fun to talk to, great conversationalists of course, and had terrific voices too.  Now we all have “friends,” but this was my first experience befriending people I had never met, and it felt cool.

It’s been awhile since then and now my 23rd album, More Than Another Day, is now being played at radio stations throughout the world. With each new recording I still get a bit nervous and excited too to see what people think of our latest effort, (even if I’m not calling up stations myself any more).  It’s feels good to have some experience and a track record now – that always feels better, right?  But you never know when you spend eight months on a creative project how it will go over when it is released.  Last year our album was #11 on the JazzWeek Radio Chart and #2 on the ZMR radio chart – what will it be this year?  It’s now out of our hands: we just wish that it brings joy and uplift to listeners around the world.  So far we have been very fortunate – just a month after the release date and only a couple weeks at radio stations we debuted at #22 on the JazzWeek chart which is a WONDERFUL start – don’t you agree? So I want to  take a moment to thank everyone for their kind words, radio spins, support and encouragement the last twenty years – applause and bravo to you all! Radio shows are still personally curated – that’s actually what you call entertainment!

Take care and wishing us all hope, health and optimism this year,


a collage of 20 years of lisa hilton's albums.