Thankfully… A Holiday Discount! 🥧

lisa hilton thankful quote

It is the week to be T H A N K F U L and like so many, I’m very thankful for my health this year and of course my friends, my family and as a musician, I am thankful for my followers as well.  So at this time of year, there is a special discount for 2 weeks:  all CD’s, (and my 1 vinyl album) are discounted to $5 (+shipping) at 

These are perfect gifts to share with co-workers, neighbors, and teachers as well as friends & family.  The music is perfect for road trips or car pools, music while you are working or creating, and pretty fun to listen to whether you are want to relax or tidy!  I hear every year our music goes well with holiday tunes and is great for dinners too. And don’t forget to order for yourself – our new trio CD, More Than Another Day is included in the discount too.  

Pictured below are just some of our 23 CD’s that are my favorite and they range from solo piano (Nuance and Day & Night are 2 examples), trio (Oasis), quartet (Chalkboard Destiny) or quintet (Nocturnal and Twilight & Blues), but there’s more too! 

‘Tis the season to be m e r r y, right?   Our holiday DISCOUNT CODE: MERRY50 will be active from November 27th through Dec 4th which is our Official Release Day for More Than Another Day.