Almost the End of Summer…

lisa hilton in a black dress with the title music is ephemeral

Just a matter of days before this Endless Summer ends. How did that happen? How could we somehow, make it through this unusual summer, still find a way to enjoy ourselves, and it’s ending already? No doubt we will have new challenges moving forward, but I think we will all continue to figure things out as we go along – just like we’ve been doing now for six months.

I like to fill every summer with nature and music – two of my favorite things. Besides beach trips and bike rides, we recorded new music, so I’ve been wearing my producer’s hat a lot. The producers role is to set up the recording session: scheduling, budgeting, taking care of the players for example, but afterwards I work on track selection and oversee editing, mixing and then mastering of the music on its way to the final album.

We record three takes of each track or song, and there are ten songs on the album, (which is about one hour long). If you listen to each take a couple times, you can see how those hours add up, and you really can’t listen too much at one time. I do love what I call “First Listen” – hearing the full grown composition in its near final form. That’s a time to be astonished at my bandmates Luques Curtis and Rudy Royston, and revel in the cool things we recorded, but it’s also, honestly, a time to cringe at silly mistakes too.

I’m always listening for the BEST take – but what is that? What intro is the most compelling? What solo is the most creative? Track selection is like trying to decide which cloud you prefer in the sky – music is ephemeral – ever changing – so it’s tricky deciding what will connect the most with listeners. Those decisions are now done, and so I have time to listen for pleasure for the first time. I will divulge here that our new music is uplifting and puts me in a good mood – something I think we all appreciate this year, right? I really wasn’t sure what I’d get composing during March – July, so I’m very thankful it’s upbeat!

I’ll take a mini road trip to wind up the summer, but I’ll have new tunes along the way – just like every summer, and I’m going to do whatever I can to enjoy nature as much as possible.

Take care and enjoy the end of summer,