S U M M E R ☀️ F U N

lisa hilton rides a bicycle in a red dress

Hmmm… so what is summer fun this year? We need to reflect on how we have fun, and where we will have it this year, so it takes a moment to decide, right? But fun is often FREE, EASY (and SAFE too). My favs are biking, hiking (early before the crowds), tennis (singles), beach walks at low tide (so there’s more room), and of course, playing the piano!

In fact, summer is the perfect time to get back to practicing if it’s been on your mind, or to get started. I think summer is the best time to begin – so parents/grandparents – if you have a family member who is interested in music, the longer days and relaxed schedule of summer reduce the expectations and stress that can happen for newbies. These days it’s even easier to order an instrument and sign up for classes online, so excuses begone!

We are safer at home – true – but please don’t limit yourself to that: take your wooden flute hiking up a mountain to play on top, or your guitar for around the campfire. I even have a small “travel keyboard” that I use in the car to play scales on road trips, (or when whoever is driving gets stuck in traffic). Time with an instrument is a lot more interesting than social media or most TV shows these days, so give it a try. Most of the time I don’t say I’m “practicing”– I most often refer to what I do at my beloved piano as “P L A Y I N G” because it’s so F U N.

Ok, so if you’re still looking for other entertaining ideas, please try the new SUNSHINE JAZZ playlist on SoundCloud, Pandora, YouTube or Spotify under Lisa Hilton to put you in a summery mood. And to top it all off, I have all CDs at a special SUMMER FUN price of $5 from now through the end of July at LisaHiltonMusic.com. (Simply use the code SUMMERFUN at check out).

Enjoy your summer safely!