“Chalkboard Destiny” Reviews

#1 Amazon New Release – Cool Jazz
#2 ZMR International Radio/Streaming Chart
#11 Jazz Week Jazz Chart
#52 Spanish iTunes Chart
#73 iTunes Portugal Chart for ‘Café au Mojo’

“WOW!  Hilton has an absolutely unique and beautiful sound and regardless of the tempo, she has an irresistible momentum and brilliant phrasing.  Chalkboard Destiny is one of the top ten jazz albums I have ever heard…just the unvarnished truth.” KVNF Radio

“Hilton remains firmly rooted in modernist technique, mastering each tune with elegance and edginess….This is a strong quartet; each musician showcases his or her own creative energy and when they come together, nothing but virtuoso madness results….Hilton has a knack for writing original compositions that expand the traditional pianist spectrum.”  Jazz Times

Chalkboard Destiny and the quartet Hilton calls her own—drummer Rudy Royston, bassist Luques Curtis and JD Allen on tenor sax—create a vibe which is really hard to turn away from. Just press play anywhere on the disc and you won’t be disappointed in any way. Just the opposite, to be exact. For there is a richness to the sound of four people playing music meant to capture your attention, as Hilton’s intrigue makes her compositions more malleable than ever, opening time and space for her and her cohorts to re-imagine and define. “Chalkboard Destiny,” “Temporary Lullaby,” and the elastic emotionality of Joni Mitchell‘s “Blue Boy” are the heart and soul of the disc, and what any listener of this grand language comes to the music for. The quiet depth achieved on “Temporary Lullaby” simply has to be heard, not spoken or written about. The quartet’s expansive rendering of the fifty-year-old “Blue Boy” only proves that we share the same heart here, then, now, and forever.  Hilton packs a lot into small spaces…a recording that is simply one of the best of the year.”  All About Jazz/ Mike Jurkovich

“My favorite album we’ve worked on – there’s a lot of great music!”  Al Schmitt 23 time Grammy Award winning engineer/producer

“Hilton’s phrasing and upbeat tempo creates an energy and vibrancy that defies category.” AAJ

“It’s fantastic – I love every track! The presentation and musical style and production is wonderful and an absolute pleasure to listen to.”  Pete Hammond/2MAXFM/ Australia

“Hilton music is full of West Coast cool energy and her recordings have subtle historical references from a wide variety of genres and eras, sounding distinctly twenty-first century and uniquely of her own style.” NeonJazz 

 “Lisa Hilton has good taste.  She knows where she’s going and gets there… and her attack is confident… and her approach to the keyboard is extremely balanced.” NYC  Jazz Record 

“It’s like a magic carpet ride. Great variety, dynamic recorded range, and swings in many directions.”  Captain Christopher/WHYR Radio

“Deeply rhythmic and bluesy…” Downbeat Magazine

“Excellence as always from Ms. Hilton.” KZFR/CA

“Jazz at it’s best.” World Jam Radio – London, UK 

“This is the atmosphere we must have tonight…the place is filled with Hip to the ceiling. Nine sly, simmering originals by Hilton and a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Blue Boy.”  Milo Miles/Miles To Go

“I was not familiar with Lisa Hilton’s music. I was expecting to hear a style similar to Diana Krall’s. Surprise! Hilton has her own unique style but just as captivating and expressive.” KDSU Radio

“A quartet with lyrical power and communicative dynamism. A dream rhythm section for this siren of white and black ivories…. note after note the seductive power of the album transports us…an album to recommend urgently.” Côte Sud 90.3 FM/Paris, France

“I’m so glad to meet this newest release.”  JazzHeart Radio Seoul, South Korea

“Lisa Hilton is always a pleasure: her piano is magic!” Radio Arc-en-Ciel 103.4 FM /France 

“Stellar line-up of musicians.”  News Break

“Solid throughout.” Midwest Record

“Albums like “Chalkboard Destiny” scream for attention and praise.  The group is strong, assured, creative and fresher than most of what is being passed around these days as modern jazz. Few artists have a personal and yet accessible sound these days.  Hilton gets put in the top rung on this one.” George Harris/JazzWeekly

Brilliant!” ArtSound FM/Australia

“This is straight-ahead, eminently listenable jazz, played with both energy and finesse, showcasing Hilton’s compositional strengths… It’s a beautiful listen.”  Elmore Magazine

“A new jazz classic! Virtuoso playing with such smoothness and soul! Love it!” KFAI/MN

“A talented American female pianist, Lisa Hilton’s piano passionately sings phrases with the tension of Allen’s deep tone that emits a radiance that is intertwined!”    Vento Azul/Japan

“An intimate and solid piano, with harmonies that seduce and captivate; Lisa Hilton has authentic and continuous musical creative passion.”  Actual Jazz/Uruguay

“…Along with her all – star trio.. “Chalkboard Destiny” presents a defining bold sound….among the best of Lisa Hilton’s great music…. .Sounds of Timeless Jazz 

“Known for her expressive technique at the piano..” Exclusive Magazine 

“Great sound!”  BBC Global Radio 1 & Energy FM/UK

“One of my jazz favorite pianists: I love all her albums. Highly recommended FM Urquiza/ Argentina

“Another great album from Lisa.” Bob Osborne/ World of Jazz Podcast 

“Hilton continues to impress with every new composition she records. Amazing!” Jazz Zone/Canada

“What our PACIFIC JAZZ station needed: great NEW music for the New Year.” Aloha Joe/PACJAZ 

“A modern classic that’s reminiscent of some of the best of the Golden Age of Jazz”. Talking2Musicians | Music Interviews: Blues, Jazz & Beyond”

“beautiful” Lubeck FM/Germany

Just the thing for our night time jazz slot.” Geoff FM/France 

“A new jazz classic! Virtuoso playing with such smoothness & soul! Love it!” KFAI/MN

“Jazz at it’s best.” World Jam Radio/UK

 “Very creative. Great ensemble playing. An excellent effort.” WECI Radio/IN

“Hilton has great fluidity in her style of playing. It’s a clear story she tells on those piano keys and most enjoyable.” CFBX Radio/Canada

“Top rate jazz artist”. KTRU Rice University Radio/TX

“Lisa Hilton is both a robust and inventive composer and player, and the quartet is a cohesive and dynamic unit. Great stuff happening here…” WOJB Radio/WI

“Lisa Hilton’s Chalkboard Destiny is a high-energy album. There are many excellent tracks for the listener to become immersed.” 2 BACR Radio/Australia 

“Jazz at it best” World Jam Radio/UK

“SUPER!” Locos Por El Jazz Radio/Dominican Republic

“As expected, a fantastic new album from Lisa Hilton! /Radio Z/Germany 

“Another great work from one of my favorite pianists.” JazzInMagazine/Pureto Rico

“Our Jazz radio network of stations absolutely love Lisa Hilton and her talent for creating beautiful music!”  The Music Korner/PA

COOL!”  Radio MUZKOM/Russia 

“Brilliant” Bondi FM/NSW, Australia 

“Hilton has great fluidity in her style of playing. It’s a clear story she tells on those piano keys and most enjoyable.”  CFBX 92.5 FM/ Jazz On The Rocks Radio Show /Canada 

“Hilton has conjured up a modern classic that’s reminiscent of some of the best of the Golden Age of jazz.” Talking2Musicians | Music Interviews: Blues, Jazz & Beyond” 

“Lisa Hilton is both a robust and inventive composer and player, and the quartet is a cohesive and dynamic unit. Great stuff happening here…” WOJB FM/WI 

“Deep, smooth and lyrical.” The Magazine/Athens, Greece

“Whether up-tempo, bluesy, or romantic, Hilton’s utmost command of nuance and artistic virtuosity carries the day with ease.” Retailing Insights