Add Some Music To Your Life


Hello and Happy May!

We are all hoping May will be better, right? For most of us, there is hope that by the end of the month things should be improved and that’s definitely a happy thought!

I’m a big fan of radio, but I also think it’s good is to listen to music anywhere it works for you, and the last few weeks we’ve had to adjust how we do almost everything. With that in mind, and with the firm belief that we need music more than ever, I created four new playlists I want to share with you: Caffeinated Jazz, (already a hit with almost 15,000+ views in a week), Sunshine Jazz – for those whole like their jazz upbeat and sunny, and Sunset Jazz – for winding down the day, dinner parties or cozy time.

These three curated playlists highlight my favorite compositions for different moods. Curated playlists like these are similar to having a radio host choose the music so you are guided to the best tracks. I also created a playlist with some of my favorite Classic Jazz tracks of all times – oh that one was so much fun to put together! Absolutely the best are Bill Evan’s When I Fall In Love, and Chet Baker playing Almost Blue. These are incredible tracks and mesmerizing artists. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

These new playlists: Caffeinated Jazz, Sunshine Jazz, Sunset Jazz and Classic Jazz can be listened to on YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud below. Enjoy!

– Lisa

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Some of My Favorite Albums Featured on My Classic Jazz Playlist