I’m Thinking of You…

Hello – wishing you good health and peace today,

It’s a bit tricky connecting with everyone right now, isn’t it?  We want to say “Happy Easter/Passover/Spring” yet that word “happy” might be a bit optimistic for this week.  I have been thinking of you – of course we all have been thinking of everybody: from medical workers, to grocery store staff, to friends, and family of course.

I think of musicians and artists everywhere and the theaters and services that support and present their talents.  I’ve been thinking of my sister, a college teacher – like teachers everywhere – adjusting to teaching online while rearranging course work and navigating new software. I’ve been thinking of the new little babies too – that must be kept safe so they don’t even get to meet their grandparents in person.

I send my greetings here to everyone because we are all thinking of everyone around the world right now.  This Sunday, like many, I won’t be able to gather with family, but through FaceTime I’ll share brunch in the morning, and Zoom in the evening with family members throughout California and in Italy.  As always, I walked in nature this morning enjoying the beauty that always surrounds us.

Despite the current turmoil we are experiencing, I continue to compose.  Spring has always been a great time for creativity to germinate – first as little ideas, (or as I like to call them, embryos), and then I begin to shape them as I’m doing now, into full compositions.  It’s similar to the flowers that bud and then bloom or the little starts of my lettuce and squash seeds – the compositions start very small then quickly take shape as I nurture them.

While I’m looking for solutions for my composition, I often play on my piano music of the great composers I admire – this week Miles Davis, Horace Silver, Bill Evans, Cole Porter, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Paul Simon too.  So many great songs between them! I always seem to have lots of ideas, but I am never sure what the final product will be – it is always a surprise and a part of the mystery and joy of creation.

Enjoy your day, and know that I am thinking of you, and hoping that our our lives will all be blossoming again soon.

– Lisa

a grid of springtime photos