Thank You For Your Support!

lisa hilton plays piano at capitol studios

Hello from my breakfast nook studio,

I’m sitting right now next to my beloved piano, (which I plan to play as soon as I’m done writing), and next to a window that I can hear the construction going on next door. It’s a small space but I’m surrounded by books, music books, pictures of my jazz heroes and mementos.

It’s hard to know what to say these days during our “locked down” life while the brave and dedicated medical workers/scientists/pharmacists are out fighting to save the world. We are more thankful to have health and a place we call home than ever, and we feel extreme compassion for those fighting to survive, as well as those that are dedicated to keeping the world going – from health care workers to delivery persons. Although it’s not considered a top priority or even an “essential business”, I also want to thank all the many people in the world who work to transport music to our lives. The Hosts, DJs, Playlist Programmers, as well as all the streaming or video services – Ok, thank you too Alexa! I think we all have looked to music to brighten our lives lately, and being able to access our favorite radio show or service goes a long way right now.

In 2000, for my third album, I decided to send the CD out to jazz radio in the US, and call the stations myself to ask them to play it. (I still remember WAER in NY was the first jazz station to play the album). These days our albums are played around the world by hundreds of stations and services and appear near the top of radio charts, but that support is something I never take for granted. Sharing our music with the world is pretty cool in my book! Thank you for all the support for all these years all over the world. (Our album Chalkboard Destiny, hit #11 on the JazzWeek Chart, #2 for the ZMR chart and #1Amazon New Releases/cool jazz).

Now that my tour has ended (prematurely), I’m officially in my Composing Season now. Every year as my tour finishes up, my creative juices start flowing, erupting, spilling over – you name it. I’ve already written a bunch of little song “embryos” and now I will develop them into the next album. It’s hard to believe I have been doing this for years now, and been able to share the music around the world. Last year I named the new album Chalkboard Destiny to convey that during this time of extreme change, we can revise and create a new future very quickly. Imagine my surprise to see the kind of world upheaval that is occurring just a few short months after the album was released! (Maybe the next album should be called Happy Days Are Here Again – of course we hope that will also be true!)

Wishing you health & peace of mind during our Shelter In Place phase.


grid of lisa hilton albums