You Might Feel Better If You Were Practicing Right Now!

aerial shot of lisa hilton at the piano looking at sheet music

Huh? Uh… yeah… that’s what I said, and what I believe: on most days, and especially during a stressful week (yes we all had one) playing your instrument is a R E L I E F. It’s really a gift to yourself to take the time to think about something else – anything other than what is actually happening in your life.

Playing an instrument takes focus, allowing you to switch off those pesky emotions that come along with turbulent times, an overburdened schedule, or say a Chutes & Ladders kinda world. Pull out some old tunes – the ones your mom or grandfather used to play – who cares what it is, just get out some music that mildly interests you and have a go at it.

Or play the most beloved pieces in the world – that’s always a lovely time playing masterful compositions, or jazz favorites are reliably fun, too. Especially if you, or someone, can sing along. If you’re like me, I actually like to sight read the most difficult pieces ever written – that’s fun for me and there’s no room in your brain for fears when you’re caught up in Beethoven’s classics!

You name it: movie themes, love songs, Disney tunes, lullabies, and nursery rhymes! Rock guitar, video game themes, pop, EDM, holiday tunes, Motown, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Green Day, Lady Gaga! Let’s face it – Stevie Wonder is always a winner!

It’s relaxing and FUN to take your mind off of whatever else is going on in the world, it really is. Just start, and see where it takes you and leave your judgements and perfectionism behind, because that never feels good, right? If you’re really on a roll, maybe finish off with some scales if you feel like it. You’ll be surprised at what a nice time you can have – just you and your instrument. I don’t know what else in the world can uplift the spirit better than music, and creating your own, in your own way – whatever level that is – is really cool.

– Lisa

I’ve never seen a better example of music lifting spirits in these tough times. Italians come together to sing to each other from their balconies.

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