What Do You Love?

steinway piano


Notice that I didn’t ask you who you love, but what? If you were re-writing the lyrics to the beloved Rogers & Hammerstein classic, what would your favorite things be? The piano, composing, lattes, flowers and nature are right up there for me over “whiskers on kittens”, though maybe not quite as cute, right?

Like anyone though, I commit the time to what I love to do, or I’ll spend all my time on technology like everyone else. One comment I hear so often is that people wish that they had “stuck with their instrument” — that they “still wished they could play,” and they feel regret for not continuing with an early passion or interest. But if you love music, there are always ways to sprinkle it in your life — add some music lessons in the summer maybe, or see live music more often — both ideas are pretty easy to do. It really doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach — if you enjoy something, just try and find ways to include it more often.

Taking time for what we love, as well as hanging with who we love is what life is all about isn’t it? (And way better than a pair of “warm woolen mittens” most days of the year!)

Back to the piano for me now!



grid of lisa hilton's favorite things

All the things I love: My practice space, lattes, a photo of Miles Davis that inspires me, fresh flowers, composing, my piano, books on music, my Limoges collection and sunny days in nature.