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Reviews for OASIS: Lisa Hilton with Luques Curtis & Mark Whitfield Jr.


One of the Best Releases of 2018 All About Jazz


ARTIST OF THE MONTH / DECEMBER 2018 Sounds of Timeless Jazz

“Like whispers of a better place just around the corner if you’re prepared to take the ride, the tunes of West Coast mainstay and prolific pianist/composer Lisa Hilton’s exciting, well paced OASIS work their way into your listening space and take up residence…. Hilton’s active left hand teams brilliantly with the resilient give and take and formidable chops of bassist Luques Curtis and drummer Mark Whitley Jr.”  All About Jazz

“‘Oasis’ is freedom and lyrical art. It overflows with Hilton’s somersaulting narrative, lyricism in every note, turning and churning in on itself — expressed with thought, clarity, and the fusion of movement and texture. Hilton slips in a whirlwind of feeling in “Watercolor World,” as a painter would to her canvas — in splashes and spurts, behind your back. The composition unravels in ever-shifting threads, which she seems to brush and stroke back into a semblance of orderly life. Her aerial lifts bank up against contrasting, darker chords for that subtle textural context she’s known for.” Festival Peak

“Hilton’s artistry never waivers: her compositional skills and classically informed arrangements are uniformly smart and her playing has never been less than inspired… a master of melodicism & dynamics.” Jazz Times

“Throughout the musicianship is excellent.  The songs are melodious, memorable and swinging…add this to your must-hear list.” NYC Jazz Record

“Reliably exceptional – that is how I would describe Lisa Hilton. … Her composing and performance could be described as existing between impressionism and expressionism, but the one thing all her performances have is a heartbeat.  Swinging-ly grounded in the beat she establishes is where Hilton’s charm shines the brightest.”  C. Michael Bailey/All About Jazz

“Lisa Hilton shows her impressive composing skills as well as ability to create a sonic mood.  She’s able to mix classical impressionistic moods a la Debussy, but with a swinging pulse.”  Jazz Weekly

“Pulsing with a West Coast cool energy.”  Jazziz Magazine

 “The new trio brilliantly showcase their collective abilities. OASIS has many merits: Lisa Hilton provides her stunning virtuosity beautifully and exquisitely” Sounds of Timeless Jazz

“Some of the same insouciant spirit as much of Paul Desmond.” Arts Journal

“Hilton takes it old school with a cool school set…the vibe is low key and the notes get your head bobbing.  Mighty chops and good taste…another winner from a winner herself.” Midwest Record

“I liked the way Lisa Hilton plays jazz from the first album I heard and Oasis is no exception.  She plays jazz…”delicious” – both hands of the pianist work like a clock.”  Leonid Auskern/Jazz Quad/Russia

“Hilton shows off her left-handed dexterity, while her right hand improvises brightly. Mark Whitfield Jr., keeps the trap drums strong beneath her up-tempo prowess. Luques Curtis, on bass, locks into the production to bring solid support.” Musical Memoirs/Dee Dee McNeil

“Beautiful sounds & clever but informative repartee – Hilton continued to draw undivided attention to her introspective playing style as well as the layers and layers of piano virtuosity.” Performance review 1/5/2019/Sounds of Timeless Jazz

“Wonderful mood created, great taste, fabulous style.” JazzHQ

“A deep world that has been instantly woven within the piano performance”.  Catfish Records/JapanOASIS RADIO/STREAMING REVIEWS

“What a refreshing and relaxing CD: I’m super impressed Hilton and company know how to keep on raising the bar.”  MAX fm/Australia“This award winner has gained the respect of an array of living legends, and she has worked alongside MANY.  It all translates into extraordinary music that is compared to jazz & classical icons.  Lisa Hilton is RARE.” Hybrid Jazz

 “Beautiful album.”  DJ Jazzmadass  Radio X 91.8 FM – Frankfurt, Germany

“Nice!” Groovera New Modern Radio – San Francisco

“Nice cool jazz vibe.”  WVYC /PA

“Cool!” Radio MUZKOM – Moscow, Russia

 “OASIS, is like a perfectly toasted slice of buttered bread & jam…still warm, crusty & mellow.” Capt Christopher, “The Clearing” WHYR/LA

“Excellent album, first class playing”  Radio Six International/ Scotland

“Great jazz!”  CKSJ FM – St John’s, NL

“A great mix of up tempo fun, wonderful, serious, and sensitive pieces. All great music.” WUNH/NH

“Always a fresh approach to her music!”  WHFC /MD

“I dig Lisa Hilton and play her regularly on my show “Jazz Alley.” KAFM/CO

“I love the style and the records of this great Jazz Lady. This new album is one of the best jazz records . Congratulations!!!!”  FM Urquiza – Argentina

“Lisa Hilton and her piano – it’s always a pleasure!” Radio Arc-en-Ciel/France

“I like the punchy attack on those chords.” CJUM-FM FM – Winnipeg, Canada

“Jazz piano that makes the background a foreground.” Outsight Radio Hours

“Good songs.” The Chieftains Radio/ Spain

“Cool and measured, a pleasure” CILU Canada / One Fine Morning Show

“Very nice!”  Radioactive 88.6 FM – Wellington, New Zealand

“Amazing & masterpiece music. Fabulous collaboration!” WJMX /Boston, MA

“I like this & will promote this album on my station.” RadioRick/Netherlands

“Another excellent presentation from Lisa Hilton.” RadioVideo/Ireland

“Very enjoyable.” Radio Seagull 1602 AM – Harlingen, UK

“Engaging music!”  94.7 The Pulse – Victoria, Australia / Just Jazz

“Always great to get a new album from Lisa.”  World of Jazz Podcast

“Classy stuff, and very much into this. Especially liking “Just For Fun”. Shades of Allen Toussaint going on. Wonderful.”  2SER – Sydney, Australia

“Nice listening.” Açık Radyo 94.9 – Instanbul, Turkey

“Love it. Looking forward to playing on The Jazz Lounge” /CO

“Ideal for my Sunday afternoon show”  Hayes 91.8 FM – Hayes, UK

“Sparkling!”  Gdynia Radio – Tricity Poland / Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk

“Great disc”  Onda Latina 87.6 – Madrid, Spain

“Wonderful music!!!!” Jazz From Gallery 41 Syndicated 

“West coast cool & energetic heat, an interesting mix.” Jazz Central, SINE/UK

“Always fine a new album by Lisa Hilton.”  Popjablues/ Radio /Netherlands

“Cream of the crop for me.”  Tameside Radio / UK

“11 dazzling contemporary jazz compositions. Hilton puts her musical prowess front & center.”

“A brilliant female pianist – passionate phrase with a melodic voice and a glowing sense.” Rakuten/Japan

“A superb new album from Lisa Hilton!”  Dr.Best: Radio Z / Germany

 “What a fantastic body of work… Bravo!!!!… Secklow FM / UK

 “Hilton’s playing is classic, fresh and timeless all at once…” WOJBWI

 “Gorgeous sexy jazz!  Beautiful and so soulful…” Dr. StrangeDub: KFAI/MN

 “Stellar production!” 3MBR FM/Australia

 “Super!” Offener Kanal Lubeck FM/ Germany

“Amazing!” Bondi FM – Bondi Beach/Australia

“Beautiful! Perfect for my Sunday morning show!”  WNTI 91.9 FM/NJ

“Elegant and intelligent.” Jazz On The Rocks Radio Show/ CFBX/ Canada   

“Another delightful recording from Lisa.” WNMU/Marquette, Michigan,

“Really fine & cool sounds.”  Outta Mi Yard Radio – Rome Italy

“Excelente!” Locos Por El Jazz Radio Fantasia 89.5 FM/ Dominican Republic

“Evocative & poetic talent far from clichés or pianistic chatter. Luques Curtis & Mark Whitfield Jr. punctuate this ballad of adventures that emits an obvious artistic & musical truth. These artists lead us with Oasis to a haven of peace. The compositions change us & give us a moment of fullness and intelligence of the heart.” Recommended by Les Cats Rebel/ Paris, France

 “Beautiful tracks.” Boogie Bunker Radio/UK

“Lisa Hilton….hell yes!!!”  KZFR FM/ Chico, CA,

“Really Cool music.” Armada Music – Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Always a musical treat”  CIWS 102.7 FM /Canada

“One of Lisa Hilton’s finest recordings!” Fine Music 102.5 FM/NSW, Australia

“I like Lisa Hilton very much.” Alain Lalancette  CKIA /Quebec City, Canada

 “A very good mix of compositions and Fascinating Rhythm is always a great standard to include on any album.” Sea Haven FM – UK