Jazz everywhere!

Hello, Hello,

I hope all is going well for you.  I just got back myself from a bit of travel – a meeting at Berklee College in Boston for the Presidents Advisory Committee, a solo show in Chicago and then a trio show with Luques Curtis and Rudy Royston (see photos above), at the Smithsonian in Washington.  Great shows and audiences – and TERRIFIC warm weather in DC – hot even!  Then a vacay in Japan and a short trip to Santa Barbara, but I’m home and cozy in Malibu again. I loved the shows and it is always great to play with Luques and Rudy, (JD had a show at Dizzy’s the same night and couldn’t make it).  What really inspired me in Japan, was that I heard American jazz EVERYWHERE – in restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, vintage shops – every place I went -imagine jazz everywhere! It felt like the soundtrack to my life!
We are very very thankful for the hundreds and hundreds of radio stations, streaming services, playlists, and podcasts that have supported ESCAPISM – still on two radio charts after 4 months – thank you!  So wonderful!  I got to do interviews for radio from London to Atlantic too.  Hoping  Hot Summer Samba becomes a theme song for this summer!
We have been very happy about all the nice reviews and encouragement for ESCAPISM too. Lots of photos here from my Los Angles show: Hilton unlocks dreamy transcendence…  and a very thoughtful review here on page 53 …”The First Lady of Jazz Piano…” ,  and from Aiding & Abetting – Cruising Underground Culture  “Hilton is a font of creativity, finding almost endless ways to wring new ideas out of the piano, and her band is the perfect combination of side players and solo partners. The grooves here are almost endless.”  
So what’s up now after this busy month?  Setting up Carnegie Hall – January 10th 2019 and SFJazz February 28th 2019 as well as others.  Now is the time to set shows up, so please contact me if you have any good ideas for performances and who to contact, K?  I still have some “music-keeping” tasks – updating my song and copyright lists for my publishing company and online sources – that kind of thing.  But mostly this is the opening of my OFFICIAL COMPOSING SEASON, so I’m back doing what I love to do and wondering what will appear this year?
Wishing you a great end of spring!