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“The stark beauty and flowing movement of the (Mojave Moon video) images could hardly suit the music better.” Nate Chinen/WBGO

MELTDOWN from ESCAPISM was featured December 2017 on the popular State of Jazz Playlist/SPOTIFY

 “Hilton is superb as usual. Clear ideas and fine dexterity.” Modern Jazz Today – syndicated

  “I have to just say ZERO GRAVITY is just perfect.  My favorite tune.  I dub it a standard for the new era of jazz”. Todd Steed/WUOT

 “Nice beat and beautiful ballads – this is what I like.” Evert Radio /Netherlands/syndicated

 “The cure for winter blues.” WDCE/VA

“Truly unique compositions, flawlessly played.  Regardless of the tempo, an inherent momentum informs Hilton’s music.  Her left -hand has the pounding momentum and synergy of overtones that is so incredible.  To say nothing of the right- hand improvising on a theme or taking off into absolutely unexpected and unpredictable places in such a beautiful way.  Hilton & company are relentlessly in search of excellence, while achieving it with a frequency that leaves one in jaw-dropping awe.”  Hugh “Hurricane” Carson, KVNF

 “Escapism is a record that confirms the professional skills of pianist Lisa Hilton, capable of fusing technical skills and poetic sensibility, and succeeding in this way in keeping the listener always involved and attentive. A beautiful recording project”. Anima Jazz/Italy

“What a nice find – really like the sound of this. A bit elegant, a bit adventurous, very clear and crisp sound, good good release”. WUWF/Florida

 “Lisa Hilton is amazing!” BONDI RADIO FM Australia

 “Peace, tranquillity and upbeat energy are all aspects of ESCAPISM, pianist Lisa Hilton has combined all these elements in her album.She says she wants to provide upliftment and relief – a place where listeners can be energized and rejuvenated – she has achieved that.”  2BACR FM/Sydney, Australia

 “HOT SUMMER SAMBA sparkles – her jazz has muscle – an escape indeed!”  Jazz & Poetry Radio /France

What a treat – I’m along for the ride!”  CFRU/Canada

“The music really cooks – these tracks are a keeper.”  WHCJ/GA

Nice Work.”  Favorite track: TOO HOT WMNF/Florida

 “Flowing tones – cool! Gydnia Radio/Poland

“Poetic beauty.” WOJB/Wisconsin

“A good mix of swinging and contemplative stuff.” WXPN/PA

“Always good tunes from Lisa Hilton.”  WRTC/Connecticut

“Escapism is a breath of fresh, uplifting, positive air.” WGMC/NY

A super jazz CD – she’s got rhythm for sure.”  WHFC/WI

“Dig that groove- got that classic 60’s jazz feel.” WAIF/Cincinatti/OH

“Very easy to get into and love.” Beehive Candy Radio/UK

“Great album covering many styles.” DJJazzmadass/Frankfurt, Germany

“Hot.” MGZC Radio/North Carolina

“This is music to escape from daily problems. Beautiful piano playing &  horn players.” AfterDinnerJazz Playlist

“Good solid jazz”. Cool Jazz 100/GA

“Very good.” CKMN/Canada

“Has a good clean sound.” 3MBR Radio/South Australlia

“I like Lisa Hilton and it’s a pleasure for me to discover this.” CKIA/Canada

“All tracks from ESCAPISM receiving airplay on Jazz Flight.”  WQLN/PA

“I’m gonna ‘stay’ with Hilton!”  Outasight Radio

“Just a delight to listen to.” MAD FM/New Zealand

“Grooving.” KNDD/Seattle, WA

“Nice & cool.”  CKHA/Canada

“Always love Hilton’s excellent sounds. Always great radio play.”  WAWL/TN

“A wonderful talent.” CHUO Radio/Canada

 “Another beautiful performance by Ms. Hilton.” Radio Video/Belfast, Ireland

“A new & excellent record from one of my favorite jazz pianists!” Urquiza FM/Argentina

“Refreshing to hear REAL musicians doing their things. Very nice.”   Tameside Radio/UK

“A great piano player and musician. A very sensitive touch. You feel the emotions of her music. It is an honor for me to play something from this album.” Radio 794/Netherlands

 “Lisa does it again with lovely cool classics & swinging interpretations.” Soul & Jazz /UK

“Excellent, feet bmovin’ tunes. That’s real Swing.”  ECMA-Radio/Austria

 “Superbe.” Radio Krimi/Chamonix, France

 “Good!” Radio MUZKOM/Moscow, Russia

“LOVE IT!”  All Jazz Radio/South Africa

“Great for our jazz show.” RDU FM/New Zealand

“Another winner from Lisa Hilton.” Aloha Joe/Hawaiian Radio Network

 “Love this album.” Aussie Grown Radio/Australia

“Very, very good.” The Network Radio/Italy

“Definitely good and engaging.”  Radio Stereo/Italy

 “Straight up traditional piano jazz with a master on the keyboard.” WMWM/MA

“Enviable variety of creativity in her albums.” Radio Cazkolik/Turkey

 “Bright, energetic, thoughtful.” CILU/Canada

“Love it!!”  94/1fm/Macedonia

 “Great jazz for my radio show, congrats on the great music by Lisa Hilton.” CKSJ/ Canada

 “Very good album.Urban Jazz Radio/UK

 “Perfect for our Jazz channel.” RadioAvemue.com/Canada

 “A superb jazz album, very nice!” Dr. Best at Radio Z 95.8 FM/Germany

 “Cool tunes.” BBC Radio Gloucestershire / Global Radio 1 / Energy FM/UK

“Hilton has a fluid and often highly rhythmic style, that reflects both her classical and jazz chops.  The variety on this disc reflects Hilton’s reach and command from beautiful ballads to jazzy swing and even a few steps toward the outside, but always fully under her command.” /WTJU/VA

“Nice sounds – I like it.”  Radio Waves International/France

“A great album –a pleasure for our listeners.” RADIO RIVE SUD FM 103/Canada

“Great atmosphere!”  Radio Bubble/Greece

 “PURE BLISS and soothing joy – an album of distinction.” Spellbound Radio/New Zealand

“Groovy, straight ahead jazz – no compromising.” WSJR/PA

“Hilton’s music leads you into the state of Escapism with the joyous warmth of her beautiful composition and wondrous musical interactions with her bandmates
-this is must have music.” Jazz Zone/Canada

Lisa Hilton continues to impress! Mad FM/New Zealand

“Very tasty.” Israel Broadcast Authority

“Dope” Mixify.com

“VERY NICE – a Horace Silver spirit with a touch  of Messengers- super cool! Radio Activ/France

“Definitely cool jazz – dig it!”  WAIF/OH

“This is really lovely stuff – glad to hear it’s still being done like this.” Something Else Radio/Barcelona, Spain

“Lots of beautiful playing here.” WECI/IN

“Great album.”  The Sound Lab/syndicated/UK

“Super.” Locos Por El Jazz Radio/Dominican Republic

“Throughout the album we will navigate the foam of jazz mastered and served with passion. A successful album that will be a milestone in Lisa Hilton’s discography.” Cot Sud 90.3/Paris, France

“BEAUTIFUL.” Radio Reverb/UK

“Excellent playing as always from Lisa Hilton. Good stuff!”  Phuture Motion/UK

 “Inspired arrangements, subtle yet powerful solos, a variety of moods beautifully expressed, and stunning production.”  Groovalizacion / Multicult FM/ Berlin

“I like it…TOO HOT has a good vibe and I like MELTDOWN too.” JazzRadioDC

“Nice sound.  Will feature on a future WORLD OF JAZZ podcast.” World of Jazz Podcast/Analogue Trash Radio

“cool.” DJ Purple Rabbit/Phonic 106.8 fm/UK

“Great album – a pleasure for our listeners.” CHAA Radio/Canada

“Nice tracks – a journey in harmonics.” CAMPUS RADIO/France

“Steeped in the classics, but timeless – great sound.” KFAI/MN

“The Album ESCAPISM- it’s just the best ! Every time Hilton brings out a new album the bar is raised another couple of notches.  I just love this.”   2Maxfm/Australia  

“Rip roaring jazz with cerebral depth.  Bridges between spiritual, free and hard bop with the greatest of ease. Superb.” DJ Tomas: Google Music/SF Weekly, ForwardEver