Wonderful Reviews for “Day & Night” CD!


“Closer scrutiny reveals nuanced choices and numerous unforeseen turns. Hilton, brings an emotionalism to the simplest of ideas; layers of depth appear when you least expect them.”  Jeff Tamarkin/Jazz times

“Fantastic new CD from Lisa Hilton. We love her version of Begin The Beguine.” Toppy Jazz the #1 Jazz Station in Europe

“Solo piano jazz…Lisa Hilton owns this art brilliantly: soft touch, subtle but very significant swing, a deep connection with the jazz tradition – especially the blues, and of course the beauty of the execution.” Jazz Quad/Russia

“Hilton returns with another CD of solo piano, beautifully played and expressive.” KZSU Radio Stanford University (#1 at the station)

“DAY & NIGHT allows Lisa Hilton to keep the spotlight for herself, and she does not disappoint. She has both the chops and soul to keep you constantly listening.” Straight No Chaser podcast with Jeffrey Siegel

“Rich with elegance and energy, with refined technique, performances & interesting improvisation.”AnimaJxpazz/Italy

“Hilton’s playing is quite lovely.” WTJU Radio

“Beautiful – I’m speechless 5 out of 5 rating.” SURF RADIO/Hossegor, France

“One of my favorite jazz pianists .”  FM URIQUIZA/Argentina

“Lovely Album!  Some of the nicest music I’ve heard this year.” WUNH Radio

“Hilton’s DAY& NIGHT is her best yet!”  2MAXFM/AUSTRALIA

“Straight and well produced solo piano – well done!”  WRTC/Bob Parzych

“I have liked this artist for many years.” CKIA/Quebec City/Canada

“Hilton’s music is sweet and full of life.” REFRESHING JAZZ/Hilo, Hawaii

“This is an impressive album… Hilton paints her masterpieces with deeply felt inspiration. The intensity of Hilton’s playing is unfettered, through wave after wave of inspired improvisation, where the feverish worship at the altar of originality is one extraordinary composition after another. The composers’ universe is at its most expansive in the profoundly beautiful and brooding masterpiece, “Dark Sky Day” which seems to meld surrealism and impressionism in the grand manner”.   JazzdaGama/Canada

“I was immediately drawn into her music…it takes my breath away.”  WGCH

“Virtuosity aside, Hilton has imbued this succession of songs with so much nuance – so much extension of incredibly phrased riffs – that take the song places that are so unexpected that one is left simply awestruck by beauty”.  Hugh Carson/KVNF Radio

“Outstanding.  The recording and production of the album is impeccable.”  No Solo Jazz/Madrid

“Beautiful sound.” BondiFM NSW/Australia                  

“Keyboard lust.” MGZC Radio/NC

“Expressive, eloquent compositions and playing.” Will Call/Grey Lock Glass Podcast Network

“Fully in command of her instrument, Hilton’s touch varies from deep, plush velvet to electrifying extended trills, glissandos and runs up and down the piano keyboard.” MainlyPiano.com

For Day & Night “Hilton delves into her own songbook to create more deep brush strokes to her works of art.  A strong addition to an already impressive portfolio.”  George Harris/JazzWeekly

“Hilton is in player in full command of the nuances of her instrument.  Her approach is a welcome expanse of dynamics and tonal variety, enabling her to conjure aural pictures in a richly impressionistic style. Memorably resonant original songs…. and gentle pianistic fireworks.”  Hothouse Jazz Guide

“Letting it fly with just jazz piano ace Lisa Hilton front & center, you really get a chance to appreciate what a killer pianist she is. Tasty stuff that’s a great centerpiece to her canon.”  Midwest Record

“Pure passion in motion…”  Jazz Quarterly: Taste Maker Honors

“Day & Night just might be the tonic this nation needs…everyday treasures that strengthen the bonds of humankind are intrinsic to the music of Lisa Hilton.”   AXS/Carol Banks Weber

“Hilton explores music as art and paints texture and color through jazz approaches.  Her originals convey many of Cole Porter’s compositional integrity.”  Sounds of Timeless Jazz/Paula Edelstein

“Soothing yet complex solo piano music.  Hilton likes to spread the wealth of her influences from the simplistic one-note three-times-fast like Count Basie or the meanderings of the complex jazzer Horace Silver.” Classical Lite

“It takes a very talented and confident artist to record a complete album as a soloist. In the spotlight Hilton’s  fingers race around the keys, demanding the best from all the notes.” Musical Memoirs Jazz Blog/Dee Dee McNeil

#1 Stanford University KZSU Radio Jazz Chart

SoloPiano.com 2016 Jazz Album of the Year Runner Up

ZMR.com 2017 #6 Radio Chart

WICR #20 Radio Jazz Chart