Happy Summer!


Hi and Happy Summer!

I think we’re all hoping that summer will bring great weather, cool experiences and hot romance – well maybe two out of the three?  I haven’t talked much lately because I’ve been busy updating my website – that’s right, LisaHiltonMusic.com is now mobile friendly and MUCH easier to use.  It’s easy to find sheet music, (even FREE sheet music) as well as CD’s, and digital downloads, (at the cheapest prices too!).  For listening there are more options besides radio, so there are also lots of easy links to playlists, as well as listening to our music on streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, and of course over 100 YouTube Videos now too, all on one site.  Ok, and if you like pictures, there’s a few more of those too, as well as easy links to social networks.  I remember my very first website was in 2001- just a homepage then I think, and we didn’t have “mobile friendly” then, so my website has really come a long way.  All in all, it’s much easier to find information as well as music.  I hope you like it!

Thank you again to everyone who has supported our current release, “NOCTURNAL” including fans, radio everywhere, reviewers, audience members for the tour and those of you who bought the music.  As an independent label this support is ESPECIALLY appreciated.

So what’s next?  I now start what I call my Composing Season.  (After that comes Album Producing, then Promotion then Tour Seasons.)  This is my FAVORITE thing that I do, (“the world knows I love to compose” is my motto!), so I like to do it in the summer with the longer days and generally upbeat moods.  So what will it be this year?  I never know what compositions will come out, but I do remember composing the “Midnight Sonata” and just having SO much fun last June!  What will it be this year?  I hope it will be just as exciting of course!  My studio and mind are all clean and clear for whatever will come.

Wishing you a great June,