Reviews for NOCTURNAL


Lisa Hilton/piano, Terell Stafford/trumpet, JD Allen/sax, Gregg August/bass, Antonio Sanchez/drums

 “No one plays, writes of puts together a band better than Hilton. Another in a growing list of deep excellent works from Hilton.” Russ Davis/Voice of America/Jazz America with 134,000,000 listeners

 Hilton has, “Melodic gifts and song-form clarity as both a composer and player. Beauty of all sorts is abundant here.” Jeff Simon/Buffalo News

 “The album allows Hilton to demonstrate her mastery of the keyboard. While her compositions are frequently built around melodies of a Horace Silver-esque hookiness, there’s a lot of romanticism and classical technique in her solos. Her music offers a unique blend of concepts, of past and future, that’s quite beautiful.” Phil Freeman/Burning Ambulance

 “Lisa Hilton is one of the finest musical impressionists…she explores a stunning amount of original material on NOCTURNAL.” Ken Franckling/Jazz Notes March 9, 2016

 “A spirited ride through the urban nightlife with a montage of colors, sounds and images. Hilton plays the piano exquisitely, & seduces the listener with beauty & elegance.” Riveting Riffs/Canada

“Traditional modern jazz is represented by a contemporary style, and newly recorded by the long-awaited quintet of Lisa Hilton…mainly original songs with a fresh melodic beauty”.

“NOCTURNAL is simply phenomenal.   The composing and playing on this album is a tour de force. Hilton and her band have executed it flawlessly – truly an amazing group producing truly amazing music.. This is the best album I’ve heard in a decade, maybe in two decades. Deserving of record of the year on anyone’s list.” KVNF Radio Colorado

 “One of the most promising jazz composers today…” Estilopunta/ Punta del Este/Uruguay

“A collection of hard-hitting originals… her strongest outing yet.” George Harris/JazzWeekly

 “Lisa Hilton has done a remarkable job.” The New York Jazz City Record

 “Lisa Hilton just gets better.” WTJU Radio Virginia    

“Highly anticipated….” New York Cool

“What a wonderful album.” Exploring Jazz/WUNH New Hampshire

 “There is a lot of dynamic piano playing coming from Lisa on her 18th album. Nocturnal is a musical expression of countless emotions…. Hilton’s band features Terell Stafford (t), Antonio Sanchez (d) and returning from Horizons, bassist Gregg August with J.D. Allen on tenor sax. This is a formidable team that doesn’t disappoint!” O’s Place Jazz

 “A highly prolific post-bop pianist and her combo dexterously handle the music.” Milwaukee Journal

NOCTURNAL…”Speaks subtly of Satie and sublimely of Ellington…. Hilton has put together the right band and chosen the right repertoire.”

 “Always a fine experience to listen to a new cd of Lisa Hilton. Each song, even after many listening turns, stays fresh, and you will hear always something new that you haven’t noticed before. Not possible without her fellow musicians, like Gregg August on bass and Antonio Sanchez on drums, J.D. Allen, sax and Terell Stafoord, trumpet/flugelhorn. I like “Whirlwind”, and I believe it fits also for Lisa. A great album!” Jan Nederveen/Radio 794/Netherlands

 “Remarkable emotional depth and clarity from all band members…” World Jazz News

 “Hilton’s compositions and melodies bear repeat listening sessions.” Audiophile Audition

 “Distinctive originals that are influenced by a wide swath of music.” Dan Ouellette/Zeal!nyc

 “Beautiful project! Lisa Hilton delivers once again with another impressive delight!” Style Quarterly

 “Wow! It’s just great – the best yet!” 2MAXFM Australia

“Hilton displays a personal touch and approach in both composition & delivery.” JazzWeekly

 “Excellent skill in the use of the piano, well constructed compositions, unique musical atmospheres, brilliant improvisation and outstanding melodies: these would be the qualities of the Californian composer and pianist Lisa Hilton. The entire disk provides, as is common in the music of Hilton, countless moments of emotion with the roles of accompanying musicians many times reaching virtuosity. Once again, a success.”   No Solo Jazz Barcelona, Spain

 “Poetic original compositions.”AnimaJazz/Pisa, Italy

 “What a beautiful set- my kind of jazz! A superb effort!” 2RRR FM Sydney, Australia

 “Lisa Hilton collaborated with prestigious musicians, among them drummer Antonio Sanchez. Original songs and jazz classics, relaxed atmosphere and fiery rhythms; this and much more.” Soulful Corner/Italy