Portland 3:16 #1 1Hello and Happy Spring!

I realize that not everyone is getting spring time weather yet – I do wish everyone luck through any “spring” storms.  It’s been wetter in the west than the last 5 years, so that’s a good thing for us.  The meteorologists are still hoping for a “Miracle in March” – meaning MORE rain, but the west has made a lot of forward progress on drought recovery.  Yeah!

My news?  NOCTURNAL continues to do well at radio which warms my heart – going on two months now – thank you radio everywhere!  I’ve also been having SO much fun touring and performing.  Carnegie Hall was, of course very enjoyable in January with my band, and then recently I had a terrific show at Pepperdine University.  (I’m happy to say there is video from that show that I’ll post soon too).  I also had my usual stop at Junior Blind of America in Los Angeles – what wonderful students they have there!  Last weekend, a matinee performance in Portland (see the photo above), was a new spot for me, and I got to hang with my sister on that trip too. (THANK YOU everyone who came out to these shows!)  Upcoming is an INCREDIBLY COOL venue, SFJazz Center in San Francisco on Thursday March 24 8pm.  Why is this spot so, uh, hot?  It’s brand new, great architecture with outstanding sound.  It’s in the hipster Hayes Valley neighborhood, so that means it’s easy to get a bite or a drink nearby before or after.  The room itself is exciting though –  mainly glass that actually interacts with the performance and the performer.  Not only can you see people walking by outside, or watch dusk settling, as it gets dark the reflections inside the room from the glass create their own impressionistic energy.  Please come if you can, or tell your friends or family -it really is a cool venue and (hopefully!!)  the show will be pretty good too!  Tickets here:    http://ticketing.sfjazz.org/single/selectSeating.aspx?p=8833&tnewq=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000&tnewp=93b99779-9494-4cfc-8944-3091cb9f5231&tnewts=1456769189&tnewc=sfjazz&tnewe=march1onsale&tnewrt=Idle&tnewh=7049e5adb1ecfe56f6a0c72

After that I’ll head back to NYC for  Sunday April 10th, 8:30 pm at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 – a nice stop after dinner in the east village: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1090601

Journalist/photographer, Ken Franckling, wrote in a recent issue of Jazz Notes: “As jazz player/composers go, Lisa Hilton is one of the finest musical impressionists. Her art comes from the piano rather than canvas as she explores a stunning amount of original material on Nocturnal, her 18th recording. There is much to dig here, from the Latin-tinged moodiness of “A Spark in the Night” to the musical complexities of the trio piece “Seduction,” with support from bassist Gregg August and drummer Antonio Sanchez. There are two covers here, with trumpeter Terell Stafford featured on “Willow Weep for Me” and tenor saxophonist J.D. Allen on The Pixies’ “Where is my Mind?” This project underscores the concept that for keen listeners, jazz is all about emotion – whether you are writing it or playing it”.  http://kenfrancklingjazznotes.blogspot.com

Just in case you need any quick links to NOCTURNAL: http://www.amazon.com/Nocturnal-Lisa-Hilton/dp/B017Y6AQRE  iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nocturnal/id1058965612 or of course, http://lisahiltonmusic.com/product-category/cd-albums/

Take care and enjoy the beauty of this time of year as much as you can!