“HORIZONS” Media Reviews

“Hilton is a dynamic soloist who understands form and architecture; the music is artfully constructed but delivers an affecting punch.”
Donald Elfman/The New York Jazz City Record, Dec. 2014

“Lisa Hilton, purely and simply, continues to astound me. Her new CD, Horizons, is beyond belief – some of the music brings tears to my eyes, and isn’t that what it’s all about, evoking emotion?  Whether she’s playing with that light and beautiful touch, or with her deep, driving, complex sound, it’s absolutely incredible music and an album well worth your attention.”
KVNF Radio

“Hilton presents her alternately lush and hard-driving post-bop on a winning new release.”
Time Out New York

“Hilton has impeccable taste in sidemen…elegant phrasing…poise and passion.”
Britt Robson/JazzTimes

“Horizons has received stellar reviews because of Hilton’s artfully constructed music and the virtuosity of her award-winning band members. Her piano soundscapes captivate audiences while her stellar interplay with such major jazz and blues accompanists have revealed her depth as a leader.”

“Hilton is excited about communicating through music.”
Hot House Jazz Guide/Jan. 2015

“The essence of HORIZONS is of an intimate yet intense soundscape inspired by the forces of nature. The all star band of trumpet master Sean Jones, the multi-dimensional style of J.D. Allen and the amazing rhythm section of drummer Rudy Royston and bassist Greg August are a thunderclap of deceptively subtle textures… A spatial and expansive release – Hilton is the real deal.”

“Destined to be one of the top 10 albums of 2015! It fires on all cylinders.”
Gary Lowe/WUNH Radio

“Pick of the Week.”
Don Heckman/International Review of Music/January 11, 2015

“Hilton is queen of the jazz piano. This is an album you can listen to for hours.” ZoneMusicReporter.com

“HORIZONS, the latest album from Lisa Hilton, is simply more proof that when it comes to jazz piano, she ranks with the best of them. The creative intelligence of her original compositions combines with her sensitive craftsmanship to define the road ahead for post bop jazz. Her music, built upon classical and jazz influences, is both sensuously lyrical and improvisationally rich. It is the kind of music that rewards attention.”

“Hilton continues to rise up on the scale of musicians deserving of wider recognition.”
KUVO Radio

“A distinctly impressionistic touch…Hilton is making some major waves.”
George Harris/JazzWeekly

“Popular in Japan, from the beautiful American pianist, Lisa Hilton, is the long-awaited new recording HORIZONS…with lush melody & beauty. There is a good feeling naturally expressed and at times, a very delicate melody. Lisa Hilton is unique, and there is a charm to entrance listeners, while retaining a fresh lightness and calm emotional feel: a nice gem.”
Vento Azul//Japan

“This is a winner!! I have to be completely honest with you, the sounds coming from this CD are wonderfully listenable, compelling me to slip my player into repeat.”
WCNI Radio

“Another masterpiece by an artist who continues to compose breathtakingly beautiful songs.”
Riveting Riffs

“Excelente nuevo trabajo de Ms. Hilton.”
Javier Garcia Escamez/No Solo Jazz/Madrid, Spain

“Her quintet (which includes all-stars Sean Jones, JD Allen, Gregg August and Rudy Royston) get every bit of lyricism out of every note”.
Dave Sumner/The Bird is the Worm: New Jazz

“New and Noteworthy.” Macomb Daily/April 2015 “PS… GREAT ALBUM!”
A Taste of Jazz Host Dave Fries/WFIT

“Hilton explores her creative side, but also pays homage to classic jazz.”
Casey Morell/KNPR Radio

“Her music gleams and sparkles on every undulating crystalline note.”
Carol Banks Weber/AXS

“A distinctive and thought provoking composer and pianist.”
Jazz Chill Corner

“For jazz lovers, lovers of piano, and of course, lovers of good music.”
A Ultima Frontiera Radio/Spain

“Hilton is gaining prominence with her album HORIZONS.”
Toppy Jazz Radio/Holland

“Both intellectual and emotional, her sound leaves you fulfilled”.
Virgil Simons/English Radio Barcelona