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  • Lisa & Ricky

Hi There,

April 1st is my cute dogs’ birthday, so yeah, I had to include a photo of Ricky Hilton here at 14 years old now, and still (one of) the fastest dogs on the beach! Way faster than I am!

As you probably know our latest CD, Kaleidoscope has been out to radio for a few weeks now and I wanted to thank EVERYONE who is playing it or will be adding it: WAER,WAWL,WBLU,WCNI,WDBX,WDNA,WDVR,WER 1, WERU,WESS,West Limmerick, WFAS, WFCF, WFIT, WGMC, WGVU, WHPC,WICN, WJSU,WKNH,WMHB, WMNR WMSE,WMUH, WNMC, WPFW, WPPJ, WRBC, WRIR, WRPI, WRTI, WSHA,WTEB,WTJU,WTUL,WUNH,WVUD,WWOZ, WWSP,WWUH, WWVU,WXPN, WYBF, WYSO, ZMR, KACU, KBAC,KBEM, KBRW,KCAW,KCCK,KCHO,KCPR, KCSB, KDNK,KEOL,KKCR,KKUP, KLCC, KMBH, KMNO, KMST, KMSU, KMUN, KMXT,KNOM,KOPN,KOPR,KRCL,KRSC,KRTUKRVR, KSDS, KSER, KTEP, KTOO, KUNV, KUSD, KUVO, KVNF, KYGT, KZMU,KZUM,KZYX, Lost Frontier, Montana Public Radio, Musicas Imaginadas, Music Beyond Words, One World Radio, Phase Radio, Planet Radio PlayNetwork, Radio Cluj, Radio Despi, RadioIO, RFI, SkyFM, SLOR, SoloPiano.com, Taint Radio, The Global Music Project, The Global Voice, AccuRadio, Audio City, A Ultima Frontiere, Blu FM, CBC, CBS Radio, CHRW, CINQ, CJLL, Galaxie, Got Radio, HPR-2, Jazz From the Gallery, Jazz Satelite Network, Radio France Musique, Toppy Jazz and probably a few I might not have heard from yet, (let me know if I missed you!).   THANK YOU very much for supporting our work and helping independent artists have a voice around the world.  Kaleidoscope features awesome performances by Larry Grenadier/bass, Marcus Gilmore/drums, and the every outstanding J.D. Allen on tenor sax.  PLEASE continue your support – we really appreciate it!

Upcoming April 15th at 8pm I’ll be performing with a trio in San Diego in a show sponsored by the great KSDS radio at Saville Theatre:  www.jazz88.org  I hope if you’re around that you can join us -I’m already hearing about some people who are going to try and make this show.  I hear they are very popular performances, but if you can’t make it, listen live at 8pm Pacific – I’ll also do a short interview after the show which will air on Jazz88.org.  I really enjoyed playing recently at Bogies near Los Angeles – what a great audience – thank you those that could make it. I love a full house!  Easy links her if you want to buy Kaleidoscope: Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Kaleidoscope-Lisa-Hilton/dp/B00I8DI08U or Itunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/kaleidoscope/id808942441

My FIRST interview for Kaleidoscope really captures the excitement and backstage scoop for the CD,  It’s not too long, and I really think it came out nice – thanks to host Hugh, “The Hurricane” Carson: http://kvnf.org/post/talkin-music-lisa-hilton-0
I also enjoyed talking with Trish Hennessey at Hybrid Jazz recently:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hybridjazzfromtrishhennessey

A great new review from Jazz Times:

Here are also some new reviews that you might enjoy too:
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Hope that your spring comes sooooon, and enjoy any Holiday time that might be coming your way.

Take care,