Happy St. Patricks Day!


Hi and Happy St Patrick’s Day!

How are you doing??  Looking forward to the upcoming first day of spring I presume?  With ALL the weather our nation has been having, in California a “Drought Year” is synonymous with “Perfect” weather conditions.  Yep.  Six months now, just out of a postcard.  Of course that will mean extremely dry dangerous conditions this summer, but for now we’re enjoying it, (along with a little earthquake this morning in SoCal!)

Kaleidoscope is now at radio and quickly getting added.  We’ve heard some wonderful kind words, had some terrific early reviews and we are very thankful for this warm response and support.  Very cool.  You see, Kaleidoscope represents a way of viewing our world: a Kaleidoscope shifts its colorful pieces to create ever evolving new visions, the variety of the shapes and colors creating  appealing variety with every shift and combination.  It is the variety in music, in jazz, in our communities and in our world – the diversity that creates the beauty.  Our band is a kaleidoscope too of course, as well as how the styles of jazz and other music is combined in the new tracks.  When we recorded in early December, everyone had just come off of Thanksgiving Holiday, and we were all eager to play.  Larry – so Stanford smart and such a complete musician, feels like family by now. J.D. actually calls me “sis” –  is incredibly warm AND nice – he was playing a new tenor from a new sponsor that sounded terrific.  I had admired the playing of Marcus Gilmore for a while and was thrilled at his energy and drumming style which was apparent from the first track. (The fact that he is Roy Hayne’s grandson of course is cool too).  It was cute hearing that Marcus played his first gig with J.D. when he was only fifteen years old – his mom dropped him off since he wasn’t old enough to drive yet – that was a while ago though!

I’ll be debuting the new music from Kaleidoscope in a solo piano show at Bogie’s in Westlake Village (32001 Agoura Road/Westlake Village. http://www.bogies-bar.com/) this Thursday, 3/20 at 8pm.  If you haven’t been to the Westlake Village Inn lately, it will be an added treat.  Besides the terrific Zagat rated Mediterraneo restaurant, they now have The Stonehouse for a light bite and wine or of course you can come a little early and enjoy a bite at Bogies if you like.  I’m excited to perform the new music there, and I’ll play some old favorites too.  There’s a good stage, nice club, plenty of restaurants around and normally lots of parking.  It’s a safe bet that the weather will be great too, so come on by and say Hi and enjoy yourself!   If you can’t make that, I’ll be performing April 15th I’ll be at San Diego City College in their Saville theater (sponsored by KSDS) with a trio show.

Here’s the new video, “Midnight Mania” from “Kaleidoscope” in case you haven’t seen it.  Watch closely to see what director James Grant has done to Time about halfway through.  Please share it around!
YouTube: http://youtu.be/lrLV2gmwVVo

If you’re interested in reading about the release here are some links:
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“The track Midnight Mania is insanely great music”  Hugh Carson/KVNF Radio

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