“Kaleidoscope” Reviews

Kaleidoscope Reviews:Lisa Hilton/piano, J.D. Allen/tenor sax, Larry Grenadier/bass, Marcus Gilmore/drums

Pianist/composer Lisa Hilton again delivers an outstanding collection of tunes focused on balancing the simple and complex. Kaleidoscope is full of great music; Hilton and Allen speak the same melodic language and Grenadier and Gilmore push and pull the beat in truly interesting way.” H.Allen Williams/JazzTimes

One of the finest composers working in jazz today.” Ken Frankling/Jazz Notes April 2014

Under the deft touch and considerable artistic vision of Lisa Hilton, modern and traditional jazz come together as one. The new sound for improvisational music is only enhanced with the prolific rhythm section of bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Marcus Gilmore when you toss in the King of improvisational minimalism in tenor player, J.D. Allen, then things just got serious. Nine of the eleven tunes on Kaleidoscope are originals further solidifying Hilton as a composer of note. In somewhat the same lyric vein as Allen there has been a zen-like less is more quality to Hilton’s work, yet with Allen the harmonics and the lyric flow are more open ended and there is a deceptively subtle sense of urgency smoldering just beneath the surface. Hilton moves effortlessly between classical and jazz….There is a shift, a lyrical and harmonic adjustment within the more traditional ranks of jazz and Lisa Hilton is now leading the charge. A formidable quartet with adventurous original compositions banged out by some of the finest musicians of our time. It doesn’t get much better than this”.  Brent Black/Critical Jazz

Lisa Hilton doesn’t disappoint, delivering a whiz-bang listening experience.” Nick Bewsey/ICON Magazine

Exceptional artistry.” Jeff Tamarkin/Jazz Times Magazine/May 2014

Lisa Hilton’s signature style is impressively on display.” George Harris/JazzWeekly

Lisa Hilton is a jazz musician of incredible sensibility and nuance that, along with a beautifully evocative style of playing, places her at the very top. The track Midnight Mania is insanely great music, one of several by the way, where Hilton and JD are in perfect sync, with bassist Grenadier and drummer Marcus Gilmore pushing the beat in some truly fascinating ways.Hugh Carson/KVNF

Here is another first rate saxophone/piano conventional quartet, in this case led by the beautiful composer/pianist Lisa Hilton who’d have trouble these days convening a more impressive quartet of working wonders for her music. One of the most immediately likable of all contemporary jazz composers. She couldn’t be in better company.” Buffalo News

LOVE IT! Nice arrangements/feel/music. I really like the composed/impressionistic aspects.” Todd Steed/WUOT

Superb new album by Lisa Hilton.” EJazzNews

Kaleidoscope is as satisfying a jazz piano record as you’ll find today”.About.com jazz review

We play a boat-load of Lisa Hilton’s music, & have quite a few fans on our staff. Kaleidoscope is generating a ton of buzz.” Mark DeBoskey/KSDS Radio

This is a pianist that gets your attention and keeps it. She plays with a depth of feeling that uses all the colors of her instrument. There are a lot of great jazz pianists, but Lisa Hilton takes a back seat to none of them. Hilton has her own voice and she makes sure it is heard. Kaleidoscope is an album you will want to hear.” World News

Gorgeous playing, highly impressionistic–every instrumental voice sharing the spotlight”. WTJU Jazz

A true musical Kaleidoscope… artfully composed.” Sounds of Timeless Jazz

Quite beautiful.” NewsFiber.com

Kaleidoscope is as satisfying a jazz piano record as you’ll find today.” Michael Verity/About.com/Jazz

Passionate and nuanced touch on that keyboard.” Trish Hennessey/Hybrid Jazz

A Kaleidoscope shifting its colorful pieces to create a new vision….” Black Musicians Magazine

Wonderful, subterranean, enthralling & beautiful.” Gary Lowe/WUNH Radio

Lisa Hilton continues to shine with her abilities to embrace an instrument that has no obvious limits…her music only gets better.” SoloPiano.com

Incredible sensibility.” WeAreJazz.com