“Getaway” Reviews

“Pianist Lisa Hilton has made an art out of balancing the simple and complex. Her work speaks with extreme clarity and serves as a benchmark for a less-is-more style of piano playing that appeals to a wide swath of listeners, but it isn’t plain-Jane jazz. Hilton has a way of taking a basic idea and stretching its conceptual fabric to the breaking point. Singsong ideals are twisted, contorted and distorted, and rhythmic ideas are pulled out of focus, blurring the firm-time realities that actually exist underneath it all.” Read More – Dan Bilawsky – All About Jazz

“Paring the sound down to a piano trio, full of hitters of course, Hilton and company capture the sound of late 50s piano trios that were finding commercial acceptance just as civil rights jazz was starting to rear it’s head and the musicians wanted to appear relevant without alienating existing fans.” Read More – midwestrecord.com

“Lisa Hilton’s most charming and beguiling CD to date. Fans of Vince Guaraldi, Bud Powell, Mary Lou Williams, Red Garland Joanne Brackeen will appreciate Lisa’s lithe touch, rumbling rhythms, judicious use of the sustain pedal and her humorous quotes.” Read More – Linda Yohn – WEMU

“The mix of late 19th century gently rollicking stride with 21st century energy makes this a wonderful melding of musical worlds. In this day of double fisted block chords, and staying stuck the middle of the piano, Ms Hilton explores both poles with a singularly digital strength that would make you wonder how she’d do with a Dynamometer.” Read More – George W. Harris – jazzweekly.com

“Lisa Hilton is considered one of the most distinctive composers and pianists in jazz today. Trained as a classical pianist but with a degree in art, she has created her evocative, individualistic and impressionistic “sound paintings” for over a decade as a leader.” Read More – All About Jazz

“All you really have to know about pianist Hilton’s 15th and newest disc is that it’s a trio record with bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Nasheet Waits (son of the late great Freddie)…” Read More – Jeff Simon / Buffalo News

“From the first fluid moments of this album, I was hooked on the evocative sensations of Hilton’s playing.” – Read More – Dana Wright – Muzikreviews.com 

“Getaway is jazz pianist/composer Lisa Hilton’s fifteenth release as a bandleader and her seventeenth album to date (her first two albums were solo piano). Her current trio includes bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Nasheet Waits and, together, the three artists present an impressive selection of instrumentals that are as effortless as they are eclectic.” – Read More – Kathy Parsons – mainlypiano.com

“With her power trio Hilton enthralls listeners…..” Accent on Tampa by Melissa Wolcott Martino

“An entertaining journey…. intriguing, sometimes mesmerizing….” Steve Monroe at JazzAvenues.com

“The interplay between these three virtuoso instrumentalists is impressive….” Music & Media Focus

“Intoxicating…impressive….Hilton always offers at least a few surprises…” Mainly Piano by Kathy Parsons

“A kaleidoscope of color….” MuzikReviews.com by Dana Wright

Together with her NYC-based partners of Gregg August/b and Jaimeo Brown/dr, Lisa Hilton delves into compositions that feel like audible paintings… Read More – George W. Harris – Jazz Weekly

Lisa Hilton’s ‘Getaway’ is a superb jazz destination… Read More – Paula Edelstein – Examiner.com

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Concert Review: Lisa Hilton Trio | Vegas Seven – Lisa Hilton is at her best when she is guiding us down the back roads of our own emotional geography. Sure, she can riff heavy on traditional jazz, swinging with… Read More – Kurt Rice – Vegas Seven

A variety of mood, but unified artfulness… Read More – Martin D. Kazdan, Jr. – Leo Weekly

Su actividad como compositora es imparable… (Lisa Hilton’s activity as a composer is unstoppable…) Read more (in Spanish) – No Solo Smooth Jazz

CD Review: Lisa Hilton “Getaway” | Music Reviews | City Newspaper – It’s become an unusual thing to say in the context of a jazz album, but Lisa Hilton is a great songwriter. There is no doubt that Hilton is a superb jazz pianist… Read More – Ron Netsky – City Newspaper