Getaway Reviews and Quotes

Getaway is pianist/composer Lisa Hilton’s fifteenth CD as a bandleader. Here she’s joined in a powerful trio effort featuring bass icon, Larry Grenadier and the creative genius of Nasheet Waits/drums.

Current reviews include:

“Hilton proves often enough that she is a pianist of considerable ability, capable of depth and a wide emotional range….a surprisingly edifying listening experience.”
Jeff Tamarkin/ JazzTimes 2013

“Hilton has a way of taking a basic idea and stretching its conceptual fabric…Hilton is a conjurer of musical spells, moods and magic.”
Dan Bilawsky/ All About Jazz/ April 2, 2013

“One of the uniquely individualistic performers on the contemporary music scene… continues her quest for new musical territories for her to explore.”
Don Heckman/ International Review of Music 2013

“Lisa Hilton is a great songwriter – there is no doubt that she is a superb jazz pianist.  Like Monk and Brubeck, Hilton’s tunes have a distinct style to them – deliciously bluesy, but decidedly contemporary flair.”
Rochester City Newspaper

“What makes Hilton’s music so impressive is that she is one of the few pianists around that actually has her own unique style and sound. Having a past career in the visual arts, Hilton uses her palette to create music and sounds.”
The Jazz Messenger/ May 2013

“A sophisticated blend of blues and adventurous band intermingling… full of fiery jamming and soloing.”
L.A. Jazz Scene

“Lisa Hilton’s most charming and beguiling CD to date.”
Linda Yohn/WEMU

“13 songs offered up for your aural pleasure – a taste of what joy sounds like.”  ImproviJazzation Nation/ Dick Metcalf

“Expressive pianism…dramatic, fluid lines lend a sculptural identity. Hilton blends different cultural and musical sources in a respectful yet unconventional manner… giving her piano jazz new color, new textures and new time signatures. Her variations and ideas seemed to emerge from an inner voice.”
Paula Edelstein/ The Examiner/ May 17, 2013 (live review)

“Smoking, cooking stuff … one winning wild ride.”
Chris Spector/The Midwest Record

“A wonderful melding of musical worlds.”
George Harris/ JazzWeekly

“Hilton has been one of my heroes since I discovered her. I consider her the best jazz pianist and composer in the world.” Hugh Carson/KVNF Retrospective of Lisa Hilton Music April 2013

“Lisa Hilton’s trio came to Catalina’s on Thursday on the throes of her most recent album, Getaway. She delved into her own compositions that felt like audible paintings, with each touch on the piano feeling like the stroke of a brush.”
JazzWeekly concert review May 17, 2013

“She’s a worthy jazz composer as is lavishly proven here.”
Jeff Simon/ Buffalo News/ March 31, 2013

“I received “Getaway” about 3 weeks ago & thoroughly enjoy it — great original compositions, inspired & imaginative interplay.  Awesomely mesmerizing in my humble opinion.”
Richard Haggerty/ WRUV May 26, 2013

Kathy Parsons/ Mainly Piano/ April 14, 2013

“Stunning piano music… a kaleidoscope of color.”
Dana Wright/ Muzik Reviews/ April 8, 2013

“Hilton expands her approach to traditional jazz with original compositions and her unique voice on the piano.”
Kim Linzy/ KUNV Las Vegas/ 2013

“Hilton is at her best when she is guiding us down the back roads of our own emotional geography…. a meteorologist of the soul, playing the length of the eighty eight like a rain-dancing shaman.”
Kurt Rice/ Vegas Seven (live review)

“The interplay between these three virtuoso instrumentalists is impressive.”
Music & Media Focus/ 2013

“Hilton is a distinctive composer and player…and a unified artfulness here.”
Martin Kasdan Jr./ Leo Weekly 2013

“Lisa Hilton is a flawless and brilliant pianist.”
Javier Garcia Escamez/ Madrid, Spain 2013

“Lisa Hilton is an artist furthering herself into the jazz pantheon as a composer, and also an intriguing, sometimes mesmerizing instrumentalist.  No wonder such luminaries as bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Nasheet Waits are along for the ride on “Getaway,” which travels to some scenic, to the ear, places…an entertaining journey.”
Steve Monroe/

“With her power trio with Larry Grenadier and Nasheet Waits, Hilton enthralls listeners on these thirteen refreshing and wide ranging jazz & blues tracks.”
Accent on Tampa/ Melissa Wolcott Martino

“Unbridled passion… Hilton is a force to be reckoned with in the world of jazz piano.”
Bill Binkleman/Wind & Wire

“Pianist and composer Lisa Hilton is a painter with sound, offering an array of beautiful tunes whose melodies vividly capture the mood.”
JazzNotes/ Ken Franckling/ May 2013

“We at KSDS have always liked Hilton’s playing.  As usual she has a great band with her.”
KSDS Radio

“Hilton hits another one out of the park with this fine, elegant CD featuring snappy, original compositions.”
Rajman Reviews

“Hilton believes in tradition expressed with modern means honoring classical music, music of the twentieth century, and American jazz & blues. She considers the twenty-first century as a new musical age.”
Radio France Musique Open Jazz

“This collection of extraordinary, simple yet complex compositions reflects on years of in-depth scrutiny into the innermost sense of craft.”
eJazzReview/ Karl Stober/ May 2013