Happy New Year!

Lisa Hilton at Buddy Guy’s Chicago – Photo by Glenn Kaupert


2013 is Officially here and we all got through the end of the Mayan calendar too – I WAS prepared to go out with friends at an E.O.W. party that night, but I’m happy that we made it through.  I like to think the “end” of the Mayan calendar that was prophesied as an “end” to how we have approached life, and that now we are required to interact in a more soulful manner.  (At least that’s my theory.)  Fun reason for a party though!


It has been such a beautiful and warm fall/winter here in SoCal, and I have been able to see so many friends and family over the Holidays.  December to early January is one of my favorite times of the year as we end the year and I begin my personal year right after New Year’s – my birthday is this Saturday, January 5th.  I LIKE birthdays, so I’m excited about another year:  What will happen?  Will the economy pick up? What better habits can I create?  When will my CD be out?   Our world has had such difficulties lately, I hope for everyone that we are entering a more prosperous and safe time again.


I will be at the APAP convention in NYC, and would love to meet if you happen to be there as well.  I will enjoy the Winter Jazz Fest too – as a fan – I love that fest!  PLEASE… if you are in NYC stop by SUNDAY JANUARY 13th AT 1:45pm at STEINWAY HALL: 109 W. 57th Street, NY, NY 10019.  This is a 45 minute showcase and if FREE for APAP attendees, or you can email me to be put on the guest list, (adults only).  I will be debuting new compositions at this solo concert, so it is especially exciting for me.  I’d love to say “hi” to you after of course.  There are a lot of good restaurants in the area since Steinway Hall is right across from Carnegie Hall, so you might want to go out to lunch and then stop by afterwards.  I will be playing an amazing Steinway piano, so the sound should be great.


I will also be back again at the elegant and classy Vibrato Jazz Grill on Sunday January 27th at 7 & 9 pm: 2930 N. Beverly Glen Circle in West Los Angeles: http://www.vibratogrilljazz.com/calendar/index.php .  Vibrato is such a nice venue, I really recommend it – great date night spot.  Book early for dinner, or just hang at the bar.  I will be solo there, and then May 17/18 I’ll be with my trio in Las Vegas at the the beautiful new The Smith Center.  There will be more dates upcoming in April/May as well.  Right now though I am focusing on new music!  Lots of time, but it’s very fun of course.  If you can imagine taking care of twelve new children, you get the idea of how much work it can be to create twelve new tunes or arrangements, (neater though!)  Wish me luck please – hopefully a new CD by April.  If you have a minute, please check out the new website look, and if you can “like” on Facebook – there are new photos posted, or follow on Twitter to stay in touch, ok?


Wishing you an amazing and wonderful year in 2013!


Lisa Hilton