“American Impressions”

Hi there!

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve dropped a note, but when I’m in the studio it just feels best to keep everything down low until it’s all DONE, (my favorite word!). “American Impressions” is my fourteenth release in the US and my favorite so far. It’s my second with this band – the great J.D. Allen on tenor sax, who I consider to be a leading tenor of all times, the incredibly agile/smart/gifted and very popular Larry Grenadier on bass (he tours with Brad Mehldau, his band Fly Trio and Pat Metheny) and the exceptionally creative Nasheet Waits on drums, (he also has played with Jason Moran, John Escreet, Fred Hirsch). We recorded January 7&8 and the CD was completely manufactured in two months. That is fast! It just happened pretty easily, and it went quickly, so that is a good sign – I can’t say it was effortless, but it went down really well. It has now been sent off to radio and so you can begin hearing it around any day now. We really hope you enjoy it. You can pick it up at all the usual spots of course: Amazon.com, CDBaby.com, iTunes.com and LisaHiltonMusic.com of course. Here’s the video for a solo piano tune – let me know what you think, ok? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QIYWyMqgFJg

I premiere the new music next Tuesday at The Junior Blind of America in Torrance near Los Angeles. I always like to stop there first before I start my tour – I love those kids! Other tour dates:
3/29 The Joynt/Chicago
4/12 Catalina Jazz Club/Hollywood
5/18 Biscuits & Blues/SF
9/12 Scullers/Boston * (this is rescheduled from 9/13)
11/1 Cafe 939/Boston
11/2 Cornell University/upstate NY

I hope you can come by and see a live performance and say “hi”. We’ll probably have more dates later too.

Hope you are doing well, and take care,