Happy New Year

Zone Music Reporter has announced that “Underground” was the #18 CD for 2012. Wow! That is wonderful! Thank you! I really appreciate through the years, ALL those years, the support and loyalty from the many stations that make up Zone Music Reporter. It’s a cool music mix, and I’m happy and always proud to be a part of all those playlists. I think every year for many many years, my CD’s have made the top for the year listings, and I love that – thank you!

Well, I’m finishing up new music as we speak! I recorded January 7 & 8, and I will finish next weekend if all goes well. I think “Underground” was a great CD, and I’m proud of it. That said, I think ZMR stations will like this upcoming CD even better – LOTS of new music and sounds – all acoustic of course. I can hardly wait to share it! Look for it in March or April.

Take care and enjoy your weekend,

Lisa Hilton