Hello 2012!

Early winter is the most beautiful time on the West Coast – you can observe that the water really sparkles like diamonds at this time, allowing you to see and feel the vastness of the Universe before the rain and fog roll in. I had a really wonderful Holiday season: besides great weather, baking Christmas cookies, seeing family and friends, I finished up new music compositions for 2012. It was a lot of work, but everything that I love. 2011 was an extremely challenging year for me, as it was for many others as well. But somehow, in the last few weeks I realized that those extreme difficulties birthed, somehow, a happier and more resilient soul. I DON’T want to go through 2011 again, and I am genuinely looking forward to 2012. But I do appreciate and acknowledge the growth that occurred in 2011.

Later this week I will be in NYC for the APAP convention and working in NYC as well. Lots of jazz in the city this next week, so that will be a LOT of fun. I look forward to seeing my amazing bandmates: Larry Grenadier, Nasheet Waits and J.D. Allen again. Oh, and celebrating my Bday on Jan 5th too of course!

Wishing the very best to you in 2012,