With The Junior Blind of America


I had a GREAT time last week at The Junior Blind of America in Los Angeles last week. I LOVE those kids! We had just under 100 students/teachers/aides and it was a lot of fun. ALL the students wanted a hug afterwards, except one boy wanted two! What great spirits and really really good listeners. Top choices? They liked “Someday, Sometime, Soon” which is really a modal kind of piece with some unusual playing on it. They also liked “Jack & Jill” and “Boston +Blues” too. I think kids in general today are very sophisticated musically – they embrace such variety – dissonances included. Such a treat to play for them!

UNDERGROUND continues to moving ahead at radio – over 150 stations now playing – THANK YOU! Todd Steed at WUOT/Knoxville wrote: ” Lisa Hilton has topped herself on UNDERGROUND. She’s never played, written or expressed herself better as an artist. This is living adventurous jazz that breathes fresh but a the same time is rooted in the best parts of the past – and always deeply emotive. Surrounded by some of the finest musicians working today, Hilton hits the mark on every cut. She’s joined the ranks of her own contemporary heroes.” Thank you!

I’m off to NOLA for the Jazz Fest. I’ve never even been to the birthplace of jazz so I’m very excited. Then I come back to tour: May 25/Hollywood, June 8/NYC, August 4/Cambridge, and Sept 14/Boston. Hope to see you “Sometime, Somehow, Soon”!

Take care,