>Hi there,

You’ve probably seen on the news the big storms here in Malibu. We actually haven’t had too much rain but the waves and surf are HUGE. Those homes directly on the sand are in fact possibly in danger, but there really aren’t that many homes in the entire community that are on the sand – it is a luxury problem really. But it is exciting, as are the rocks that tumble off the mountains around here. So far I am safe and sound and cozy, as I hope you are too. The winter storms are perfect for catching up after my trip to NYC last week, and for listening to the new music I recorded.

The news this last week out of Haiti has been very difficult and has touched us all. Like many, I am making a donation. Paul Farmer at Partners in Health is an extremely dedicated humanitarian I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago, along with several others in his organization. At a time when most companies didn’t want to get involved in Haiti due to the extreme instability of the island nation, Farmer moved there to work with those most in need. His expertise is what is needed at this time.

I have been pleasantly surprised that “Twilight & Blues” has been doing so well 5 months after it’s release, and it continues to improve even, rising up to # 33 this week on JazzWeek and being nominated at ZMR for three categories including Best Album for 2009. Great! (That news also perks up a winter day!) It really nourishes my soul that listeners continue to enjoy the album over time – this was our original goal: thank you!

Hope your winter week is going well too!

Take care,