>I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving….

>Hi there,

I hope you enjoyed the Holiday weekend. It was a much needed break from moving for me. The week before I had moved to a “new” remodeled home here in Malibu, and I’m still dealing with a lot of boxes, but the time with family, friends, food, and great weather here was just what I needed. I had an unconventional meal: pasta, mashed potatoes and chocolate cake, but I wasn’t cooking so it was perfect! Hopefully the boxes will be gone soon; moves are hard, but I do feel inspired on the piano with the new location.

I do have good news, and thank you’s too: Twilight & Blues got a very nice review in DownBeat magazine, and a recent editorial page in Jazz Times magazine, #2 on one radio chart, currently, just popped back up on another radio chart, and holding steady on yet another. THAT’S GREAT NEWS coming three months after it’s August release. I know a lot of people are considering Holiday music right now, but there’s no need to stop listening and playing Twilight & Blues, in fact I think tracks like, “What’s Going On” are perfect for Holiday: if you take away the religious element of the Holidays, I think it’s a time for peace and generosity of spirit which is at the heart of that track, as well as many others that I play. The message of that song is one that should continue to be heard as long as possible.

I will be doing a showcase in Manhattan for the APAP booking conference if you will be around for that: 4:00 Saturday January 9, 2010 at the New York Hilton/Gibson Showroom. Please come if you can.

Well, I’m planning a big CD sale soon, and I’ll keep you posted on that, but for now, it’s back to composing, and the rest of the boxes!

Take care and enjoy the day,