>thank you everyone!


Hi there!

I can’t believe it’s November with Turkey Day around the corner! Whew! A year ago we voted in a new president, a new era, and were struggling with an economic melt down. What a year it’s been! Before I go on, that’s me with Bubba Jackson from local KKJZ/Long Beach/LA and a writer from our local Malibu Times newspaper just after my CD release event at Catalina’s Jazz Club in Hollywood. Don’t they look happy? How nice – Bubba has an early morning show, and he still drove up – over an hour to see the show. How great is that? I love ANY support, but when it’s at home, it’s very cool, but then Bubba, IS cool. Click the YouTube link below to watch the City Streets video from the evening.

Well this is really a BIG thank you to everyone! Radio continues to be very supportive of “Twilight & Blues” – we are on 2 or 3 charts currently – # 2 on one of them (!), and stations keep coming on. THANK YOU! I spoke with the band just today and conveyed to them how big our support is, and they are really appreciative too,(Lewis is in Madrid, and Larry on a 6 week tour with Brad Mehldau in Europe. They’re having fun!) I hope to be back in the studio with them late 2010 again, and I can tell they are looking forward to it too.

Media continues to applaud Twilight & Blues too: DownBeat is giving it a very nice review in the December issue, JazzTimes had me write an article for the October issue, and JazzReview, and Wind & Wire just recently published incredibly supportive reviews. As a musician, so much of what you do is a solitary pursuit. To get this kind of support, and for it to continue, just touches us all very much. Fans have been lovely too – both digital and retail sales are going well.

I’m working on the next round of music, and preparing for a local move, so it’s busy.

Thank you, thank you, everyone – we all really appreciate your love and affection!

Take care,