>With Quincy Jones…


Hi There,

I hope you are making it through winter ok. Our perfect SoCal weather has now dimmed to our normal winter weather: cold and rainy around the time of the Grammy’s. Congrats to all the Grammy winners!

The last date on my winter tour was at the Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood last week. Just as I was preparing to go on stage, I was told that none other than Mr. Quincy Jones, (and entourage) had arrived for my gig! I decided right then I better play my heart out, and I just hoped that he wouldn’t leave too early so that I could introduce myself after. Well, he was the last man out the door – well after closing, graciously hanging with me and a small group after, and inscribing a book to me saying he loved the performance. Whew! What a great evening. Apparently the audience also loved the set too, so it was a terrific end to the tour.

Hope all is well with you,

Take care,