>Catalina Bar and Grill



Hope you are doing well. I realize only one team can win the Super Bowl, but it was a great game – especially the last 3 minutes! I really don’t know how your weather is going, but locally I don’t think we are having a winter at all. I know, it sounds like a brag, but it’s not. Malibu has been so warm and mild even for SoCal, that it’s starting to seem almost spooky – a Dorian Gray season if you can imagine, but I’m not complaining at all! It’s incredibly nice, and hopefully we won’t have any repercussions.

Well it was bound to happen… I know someone who has made it onto American Idol. Anne Marie Boskovitch is sweet, naturally beautiful and has always been a great singer. Wonderful family too. How fun – she deserves to win, but what a challenge!

I was called to perform again at Catalina Bar and Grill in Hollywood, CA on Tuesday, February 10th. If you are around and available, please try and come by. The show is at 8pm, but most people like to come at 7 for dinner first. It’s the best club in L. A. – the food and even the parking are great. It should be a very nice evening: call 323.466.2210 for reservations. I played 2 weeks ago in San Francisco and had a wonderful time around Union Square. That city really is fun!

Nice reviews for my latest release, “Sunny Day Theory” continue, to come in. “Hilton is an excellent pianist” from Earshot radio report in Canada, and it has been nominated for the 2008 LifeStyle Awards, as the 2008 Roots Music Association Awards/Artist of the Year/Jazz. Thank you!

Take care,