>cookies and other gifts


Hi There,

My latest release, “Sunny Day Theory” has officially shipped to radio – a miraculous 10 short weeks after our studio sessions. I am relieved to be done and excited for the response it will receive. Wish us luck! (Larry Grenadier/bass, Lewis Nash/drums, and Brice Winston/tenor sax with me above at Capitol Studios on June 4th).

The President of a large jazz website asked me: “You realize you’ve really outdown yourself on this one don’t you?” I replied that I really wasn’t sure what I felt about it, other than a little tired at this point! I really care about radio and fans-always have, so I spend time thinking about what everyone would like much like choosing a Holiday gift. My rule of thumb on track selection: something old, something new, something borrowed and some blues!

Every Christmas I bake cookies. Four or five different sorts, fancy packages, the whole bit. Probably hundreds of homemade cookies every year and dozens of baskets, and although I appreciate it when I get help say on the dishes, for the most part I do it all, because I feel that it is truly from the heart and soul of the person and that it is more meaningful in our hectic world today when we receive something like that. I feel the same way about sending out music to radio: it truly is a gift to you – much labored over! I hope you and your listeners enjoy! I have received my first radio review and since it is from Spain, it seems more charming, so I will share an excerpt here from A Ultima Fronteira: “La estupenda pianista….magnificas composiciones”. I hope many more agree!

Take care and have a wonderful end of the summer!