>Hi There!

Hi There!

I hope that you are doing well and enjoying the start of summer. I’m sorry I’ve been out of touch for a bit, but I have been finishing up a new release. This photo was taken as we were mixing the music at Capitol with my engineers, Steve Genowick and Al Schmitt. Since that was an NBA playoffs night, I was wearing my “Lucky” Lakers cap, which is now in the floor in my closet! Oh well, it was a fun playoff series. Congrats to the Celtics and Boston too, who seem to be in sports heaven the last couple of years!

I really hadn’t intended to create a new CD, but the music was just pouring out of me last winter, and I always take that as a good sign. In the studio with me I had my favorite drummer of all times, Mr. Lewis Nash, and truly an amazing bass player, Larry Grenadier whose work with Brad Mehldau I have admired for years. I think what seems to go hand in hand with great talent, are great hearts. Lewis and Larry are incredibly nice and warm people, not to mention bright and funny too. Joining us for one day on tenor was Brice Winston, who has done such terrific work with Terrance Blanchard. So, yes, I was thrilled to work with such incredible talent and yes, we had a great time! I love the music too – very upbeat.

I’ll keep you posted on the release date – I had planned on a winter release, but now I’m thinking the music would be great for late summer. We’ll see!

Take care,